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ArcelorMittal is a global steel company. This operates more than 60 countries over the world, their main headquarteris in Luxemburg. ArcelorMittal is market leader in steel use for automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging, as well as sizeable captive supplies of raw materials and distribution networks. It was established in 1989 by Mr Lakshmi N. Mittal, the chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive officer of ArcelorMittal.

The company has experienced rapid and steady growth since the strategy was set has worked well accordingly. Then in year 2000 the company’s business assistance signs a deal with South African company called Iscor. The agreement is decided that to provide over three years of period in exchange for Iscor shares also provide certain cost saving. Key financial for 2007 shows the revenue of US$105. 2billion, with crude production of 116million tonnes, displaying around 10% of the world steel output.

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Recently in January 2011, ArcelorMittal has the division split off from stainless steel as new company Aperam takes. The purpose of ArcelorMittal is to research and make development, which has four dedicated Laboratories in the United States and Europe, is to present them in action in increasingly competitive solution. The company’s primary goal is to stay ahead of the curve, anticipating the environmental, safety and cost control issues facing the automotive sector and staying effective and sustainable. ArcelorMittal has share ownership.

As in 2009, the aggregate beneficial share ownership of ArcelorMittal directors and senior management (31 individuals) total of 1,887,008 shares. ArcelorMittal is a public limited company; the company has number of stock exchange in the New York, Amsterdam, Luxemburg and Paris etc. as its public limited company and receive a division for their investment. The company employs more than 263,000 people worldwide, so this makes them large organisation. There are several advantages regarding public limited company.

Public limited company schemes allow you to be part of their share that you invest. Firstly, you can invest as much money as you want there’s no maximum or minimum amount you have to pay, so this makes it affordable for the first buyer. There’s a division of profit depending on the investment you have made. As well as having many advantages of public limited company they also have disadvantages. The first thing is that legal formalities are compulsory required they are very time consuming and costly.

In order to protect the interest of ordinary people there are strict controls and regulations to comply. These companies have to publish their account details, so everyone can see that how many people invested and what profit did they make. Public limited companies are huge in size and this may make them face management problems such as making slow decisions and industrial related problems. Dyson is a British appliances manufacturing company, their main products are the vacuum cleaners that has cyclonic separation. This company was founded by James Dyson in 1992.

James Dyson says that this was really frustrating before inventing because it didn’t work properly. Then they figured out after sketchingand doing prototype designs from 1979 to 1984. Their first prototype vacuum was G-force, built in 1983. In 1986 G-force was first sold in japan. Dyson became licenced after becoming really famous in 1993. Dyson Company opened a research centre and factory in Wiltshire. After the massive hit of Dco1 thecompany developed more and more. Dyson Dc07 in 2001 was also very famous because it has seven smaller funnels at the top of the vaccum.

Dyson purpose is to develop the next generation of Dyson technology at research, Design, and development Laboratories. They are looking for bright and talented people to work with them and help them create something new. Dyson is a private limited company; they have very less investor as its private limited. The advantage of private limited company is that they have limited liability this means that if the company experience financial distress because of normal business, the owners of company would not be at risk of losing their personal possessions.

The company does not have to publish their account details as well as they are private limited company they can keep it secret. The disadvantages would be that because the company has very less shareholders, the growth of business would be limited. The private shares cannot be sold or transferred to anyone else like the public limited would do. Dyson has more than 2. 950 employees in the nation; this includes all the scientist and engineers.

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