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My pre-test scores were a big help to me as it gave me a rough idea of what was capable of achieving: this enabled me to choose realistic targets that I knew I could achieve if I worked hard. My pre-test scores gave me indication to my strength which was agility (ladder run in 9.29 secs and also the Illinois agility run 19.8 secs). The pre-test scores also showed me my weakness which was balance (stork stand 5.01 secs).

I think I choose an appropriate order for my program making sure that I did not over work a specific body part or muscle by alternating the muscles worked: for example I carried out the alternate hand to foot exercise working in particular on my arms (biceps, triceps and deltoids) followed directly by a walking lunge allowing the arm muscles to rest. Although both exercises include the component muscle strength it is working different muscles.

In order to progress in my fitness I applied the principle of overload by gradually increasing my targets as well as the time I did each exercise. Overload is where more stress is put on our body in order for our aerobic system to adapt to the changes being made; because of this we become fitter. 2 examples of this is where I have gradually increased my time each session for each station for example from 2 mins to 2 mins 30 secs and also my targets for example the bike from 120-130.

I also applied the principle of progression by again gradually increasing my targets (reps) or time. I used the F.I.T.T training principle (frequency,intensity.type and time) to ensure I was changing the appropriate things This was to ensure that the stress was gradually increased instead of risking injury by adding too much stress on my body, too quickly. Progression is the gradual build up of stress on the body; it is about taking time and consideration in order to work the body at the right level. 2 examples of this is me increasing my target for the bike from 120-130 and also me increasing the distance run targets from 4 laps to 5.

Monitoring I chose not to make changes to my fitness program as I thought this would affect the final product. I was happy with my decision of my sport and also the content and level of my fitness program. I thought I had already applied the principles of overload and progression to the best of my ability therefore I found no need to change any aspects (including time, targets or exercises) of my programme. I also worried that if I did make any changes then the final product of my programme would not be as I had hoped.

There were a variety of short-term effects on the body such as redness of body parts due to increase of temperature, muscle fatigue from lactic acid and also an oxygen debt from more demanding exercises. Perspiration was also present when I exercised: especially axillary sweating due to the eccrine and apocrine glands perspirating a lot. My monitoring shows me how I was reaching my targets each week but after a while my results began to plateau as the higher the fitness of the athlete the harder it is to improve it.

It is clearly visible from my rowing machine results below that I achieved all of my targets by a lot in the first 3 / 4 sessions then by the time I reached my 5th session it began to be harder to increase the amount achieved as my aerobic system was struggling to manage with the level of work being asked of it.I found that the exercises/stations I had chosen were appropriate to my chosen sport. I could see improvement straight away. When I chose my stations I tried to think about ones which I could continue doing outside of school in order to improve them and integrate others.

For example I found that although my scores did not meet targets consistently in my varied cone skills with the ball, whilst playing football improvements were clearly visible. This was also something which I could continue working on at home. I found that my program was easy to set up as all I had to do was place a few cones accordingly to carry out cone skills; and also the goal posts for shooting practice. All other stations either did not need equipment (distance run) or the equipment/facilities were already set up in place (rowing machine and bike)

I found that recording the results were easy to record as I had an enlarged copy of the table below in order to record my results into. In the beginning I didn’t enjoy my program as It was a struggle to get started ( setting up etc): however I found that after a couple of sessions I began to get the hang of everything and was able to get to work straight away; because of this I tended to work harder and exceed my expectations. I could see a variety of differences throughout my program; because of this I know that I worked to my potential limit as I could feel the muscles that had been used recovering throughout the time afterwards: this also enforces the fact that I used progression and overload.

Final Evaluation

At first I thought that my pre-test scores were quite good and I surprised myself at how well I had completed each station: conversely my post test scores surprised me even more! I had improved at everything! The difference between my pre-test and post-test scores was immense. I am now able to complete the ladder run the fastest in my class at a time of 9.14 seconds! Whereas before my program it was a mere 9.29 seconds. Because of these results I was able to evaluate my program concluding that it had helped me improve in a variety of areas.

My post test scores enabled me to see my strength and weaknesses which is a great help as I know what areas my program improved the most, the least and where it lacked appropriateness. My area of strength from my stations was in particular the stations where agility was applied: the ladder run 9.14 secs and the Illinois agility run 19.4 secs. My main area of weakness was my balance: this was strongly evident from my stork stand 6.32 secs and also the leg and arm raises 13.12 secs which were a lot lower than my peers.

My progress since I began my program has excelled beyond belief. I didn’t believe the impact that a 6 week session could have on my game. I was a lot stronger on the ball when dribbling and my opponents found it a lot harder to remove the ball from my possession. My stamina was also a major improvement as I found it a lot easier to play a full physical game. The program has also contributed in me advancing to a higher levelled team. If I was to continue with my fitness program I would incorporate more activities such as weights in order to improve my upper body strength and muscle mass: I thing this would be a vital part in advancing to yet another higher level. I would also try and add a balancing station to my program to work on my major weakness. On a less serious note I would add music to my circuit to make it more enjoyable

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