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These somatotypes can affect ability in sport and depending on your somatotype it will affect in some way what sports you are better at than others. Knowing background knowledge such as this means that an effective and suitable plan was drawn up, and overall I think it was very effective. The pre-test and the post-test were carried out to show a positive result to the fitness test. I missed the post-test but if you add up all my results from the weeks that I was there I started on the pre test with 126 and improved to finish with 141, so I improved by 15. So I feel that it was effective and the fitness test was very successful.

I think the style of the fitness test was very good and appropriate because the group of people taking part in the programme were very varied and there were both male and female students taking part, as well as people with different somatotypes. The activities that were chosen were good and gave both genders a good chance, as none of them were gender based. My results show that my improvement rate varied from ach different activity, for example I improved rather rapidly and dramatically on the dorsal rises, whereas on the sit-ups it was a slow start and then a sudden peak at the end of the programme. When the time increased in the latter weeks I found it very difficult to adjust myself and pace my self so as not to become worse than the week before. The plan was very much accustomed to what I wanted to improve. I don’t think I would need to adapt the fitness programme but I may gain more from it if I did the programme after I had recovered fully from my injury.

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During the fitness programme I found it hard to remember the principle of training. The fitness plan did cover most things but it was hard to think what I was doing sometimes when I was planning for the lesson, and the fitness plan. I think that I was because the fitness plan only really worked the arm and leg muscles where it could have made more use of the stomach and lower back muscles. I also think the plan was more aimed at strength than suppleness and I don’t rally think there was very many exercises that accommodated the room for improvement of suppleness.

One way in which I think the principle of training was almost perfect was tedium, because I never really got bored, there were different exercises to do and you were always changing, there was also music playing on one or two occasions so that keeps you going as you can find a beat that is suited for the exercise you are doing and then keep going till the end of the activity. We also only spent short amount of time on each of the different activities so as soon as you were became bored of the activity it was already time to change to the next one.

2) Evaluating my performance

My performance over the whole fitness plan generally was good, but I could maybe have obtained better results if I was completely recovered from my injury. I tried my hardest very week but was somewhat put off my the pain in my ankle in some of the more strenuous activities which meant that I wasn’t as focused or a s motivated as I could have been and therefore wouldn’t have obtained accurate results.

Most weeks I didn’t find the exercises too hard but I don’t think that I pushed myself as hard as I could to achieve my highest potential. When I was motivated I feel it enhance my performance more and I overall preformed better than if I was less motivated. Because of my injury to my left ankle I think it affected my results and my pre-test results were more accurate than the rest of the results taken from the programme because I hadn’t hurt my ankle when we did the pre-test whereas fro the duration of the programme I had an injured ankle which handicapped me and I didn’t reach my full potential.

3) Evaluating my monitoring

The method we used for recording out results was I think a good one, it was an A4 sheet of paper with all the information we needed on it for the test and then the weeks and stations on one side. And then on the other it had a space for us to record how we thought the session went. Also it had a space so we could record our recovery rate and out heart rate, both resting and just after exercise. I made good use of the monitoring sheet and it has been very helpful to me.

Writing on the back of the sheet how we thought that we had don’t that week was a good source of motivation and it really helped on the weeks where I wasn’t so motivated to actually see how I had felt the week before. Also recording all the results on one sheet week after week as motivating because it was interesting to see if we had improved or not and I if so by how much. I felt I felt more motivated by the sheet more one week to maybe the next, depending on how well I thought I did and how much I had improved by.

4) Final Evaluation

Overall I think the fitness plan was effective. I felt that it did what it was supposed to do and that’s all that really mattered. In my pre-test and post test I went up by 15 so I feel that I improved and it made me feel better about that aspect of fitness. I noticed a slight change in my netball playing of more strength than suppleness and I was quicker off the mark at a centre pass and also I felt I was quicker at dodging and either marking or getting free from the opposition. Looking back to see what I wanted to improve I think I have very much improved, and despite my injury I think I did very well to improve as much as I did.

I enjoyed doing the fitness programme and being surrounded by friend when I did it I think that kept me motivated and it made it more fun than a chore. At the start I was motivated but as the weeks went on by I felt as though I wasn’t as motivated. And to improve the programme I think I would try to find another source of motivation to keep me going. Overall I have achieved what I wanted to get out of this whole experience and I have noticed a change in my game play. The only drawback is that I felt the programme was more specific to strength than suppleness and if I was to repeat the programme I would probably add in more exercises or adapt the existing one to make effective for both strength and suppleness.

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