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The power skip is executed by doing an explosive, exaggerated skip while emphasising height rather than distance. Emphasise a big arm swing and explosive knee lift. Static Stretches Warm Ups The main effect of a warm up is to raise body temperature, which therefore includes muscle temperature. It also prepares you for harder exercise by speeding up your heart rate. It also increases metabolic rate, which makes you release energy faster.

Active warm ups divert some of the blood to the muscles so that oxygen and energy gets to them quicker. A warm up also reduces the risk of stress on your heart. Warm ups also make your muscles more flexible, so they are less prone to stress or tears. Warm ups are beneficial mentally too, as they increase awareness and get you ready for the exercise to follow. A warm up should begin very gently with some low-intensity aerobic exercise, like jogging. Secondly, there is stretches. The stretching done in a warm up is not the main bulk of flexibility work however. You gain more after you’ve done your exercise than before, as your body is warmed up and therefore the muscles are more elastic, allowing more movement.

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The final part of the warm up is sport-specific. You do some work that relates to your sport. As I am doing badminton, I may work in a group, with two teams at either side of the court. The third part of the warm up would then involve playing a shot and then running to the other side of the court, keeping up a rally between the teams. As it was my last workout, I increased the number of reps in each set to 15. I found this workout hard. I worked to failure on the lateral pull downs and I therefore only managed 13 reps. Other than that I managed everything else.

WED Interval Training Jog for 5 minutes. Do both types of stretches shown previously. Practice returning smashes and smashing in intervals. 100m sprint in intervals. Rest period of 5 minutes between each sprint. Do 10 sprints Slow swim, 3 lengths. Static stretches I was pleased with myself after this workout. I averaged at 14 seconds per sprint, and wasn’t as tired as last week once I had finished. My legs however, were aching. FRI Cont. Training Walk briskly for 5 minutes. Do both types of stretches shown previously. Practice drop shotting over the net, allowing it only to be in the front of the court. A 5-mile jog to Kirkham and back. Slow walk for 5 minutes Static stretches. I pushed myself and averaged 8-minute miles. This was really tiring, and overloaded my body. I have improved greatly however.

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