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On the two pictures on the left and below, this clearly shows that my head is far too low, which also results in me bending my back over too far. As a result of this, it would mean that I would not be able to perform the backswing properly as it restricts the movement of the shoulders. Practices In order for me to cure or to improve my weaknesses there are a few practice techniques that I can try to help.

Practice 1: For the first practice technique, I have tried to improve the position of my arms. In order to do this I placed a credit card between my left arm and ribs. By using the credit card, it meant that I had to keep my left arm tight to my chest in order to keep the credit card from dropping to the ground. I found that this drill was very successful as it taught me how and where my arms are supposed to be positioned when performing the backswing.

Practice 2 The following practice is used to help me with my stance and posture. Firstly, I must bend my knees to get the right height and to give me a good stance. Secondly, I must keep the spine as straight as I can to get the correct posture. Lastly, I should have my chin facing slightly upwards. Therefore in order to have the correct stance and posture you must; Stand tall with your feet positioned shoulder width apart. Then, add a slight bend in your knees. Finally, lean forward from your hips to reach the ball.

This practice I found also quite successful as it helped me correct my area of weakness involving my stance. Practice 3 The final practice is very similar to practice 1. For this exercise, you can use a club head cover, which is placed under your right armpit. In this practice you use something bigger than a credit card, as the gap shouldn’t be as small as it is with your left arm and left side of the chest. This exercise is simply to help with the positioning of the arms as you perform the backswing. I found this practice useful as it helped me improve and understand where the positioning of my arms should be to perform a reasonably good backswing.

The final assessment To see if my practices and analysis that I have made on myself actually worked, I did another base line test to compare how well I had improved and gave myself another mark out of 10. From these pictures, I feel that you can clearly see a big improvement to my backswing, therefore, a gave myself a good 8 out of 10. To conclude my piece of coursework on analysis of performance, I feel that I have covered all areas in able to get the best results for the performer. This was obtained by showing and telling different practices that could be taught in order for the skill to be improved.

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