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The year 9’s have played in the school team for about 21/2 years and have experience of playing matches, but there is also still a lot they have to learn. The year 9’s should have a good understanding of all the rules as the majority of these rules will occur many times in their matches. I expect the year 9’s to be able to judge spacing and timing (3seconds). Off side shouldn’t be occurring within the game as the year 9’s should know exactly where they are allowed. The distance of which a person marking from is sometimes misjudged and they maybe pulled up for obstruction, but shouldn’t happen consistently at their level.

I have played Netball for around 7 years. I have played WA for my secondary school team since year 7 and in year 10 I played netball for North Cumbria U16’s. I have also played in a women’s league outside of school. This has helped improve my level of play and knowledge of the game. This will help my coursework and coaching as I have learnt a lot of different skills and tactics which I can use to help the year 9’s. I am going to watch the team play a match. I will be assessing their individual weaknesses and the whole team’s weak points. This will help me establish their level of play. I will be able to identify the weaknesses as I have a good knowledge of the game and the rules.

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After watching the team play I have gathered some important information on them; Aimee seems to have trouble at getting away from her defender in the shooting area. She is quick, but doesn’t always use her speed when she needs to. Zoe is a good shooter, however she is clumsy with the ball and finds it hard to find space to receive a ball in the shooting area, as she moves slowly when in the circle and is not always certain about her footwork.

Kim is not a fast player and she gives up too easily when she is trying to get free, Lianne lacks confidence and like Kim she gives up too easily when it comes to getting free from her marker. I have decided that I will be coaching a number of different methods that can be used for getting free from their marker. Being good at getting free from their marker is essential for maximising the chances of receiving passes down the court and winning a game. I thought that this was one of the players’ weaknesses and resulted in the passes being intercepted and possession of the ball lost. It is also very useful especially for the attacking players when it is their centre pass, they must be able to get away quick to receive the ball. I will also be coaching different centre pass tactics as I feel that they were losing the ball a lot even when it was their centre pass.

I noticed that Lianne and Aimee were not able to get away from their marker and therefore were not quick enough to receive the pass, because they weren’t fast enough, the centre passes were intercepted and possession was lost. The flaws that I have seen in their game will form the basis of my coaching and all of the skills I will coach will be based this. I will be monitoring, assessing and evaluating the progress of each player during every session. I will be writing down the results, talking about which players have improved and why, which are not so good and why they are not improving. I will see which players listen to what they are taught and which put it into practise and use the different methods of getting free and centre pass.

I will be planning 5 sessions for the year 9’s after school with the aim of improving the year 9 attacking players’ game. I will be coaching the sessions inside on the netball court in the school gym. It would be better and we would have more room if we go outside, however the weather us cold and wet, which would not be pleasant for anybody. The courts would also be wet which would make them slippy. I feel by doing my coaching on the indoor court, I will get the most out of the players. I will be using, 2 balls at a time. I will be using cones to mark out the areas and a stopwatch to time some of the drills.

Sessions In each session I will be including a warm up and a cool down. Warming up before any physical activity is very important. A proper warm-up helps raise the temperature in the muscles and makes them more flexible, this lowers the risk of injury. A warm up increases heart rate and blood flow around the body, warming synovial fluid making joints more mobile. A warm up should include some stretching of all the main joints to increase the range of movement and stops muscles, tendons, ligaments from getting strained. I will be doing a couple of different warm ups throughout my sessions as some are not as physically demanding as others. Doing upper body stretches as well as lower body ones before netball is important as playing netball is demanding on the player’s arms.

1st warm up General warm-up: To begin the warm-up they will be doing a few minutes of light jogging around the netball court. Then running from one end of the court to the other bending down and touching every line they come to. After that they will do side steps and raising their arms above their heads while moving from one end to the other. The last one will be heel flicks- running kicking feet up at the back.

Also while stationary I will get them to move their arms in circular motions making bigger and smaller circles, to loosen up their arms and shoulders. This warm up stretches muscles and raises their temperature, increases heart rate and will get them ready for doing a lot of running around. 2nd warm up Warm up Description: Cone Twist -20 cones are placed in the centre third (1/2 upside-down). Team A’s challenge is to turn the cones the correct way up and team B vice versa. Time limit 30 seconds. This warm up is good for raising the heart rate, but does not have the same benefit to the muscles as the 1st warm up, because it does not include standard stretches. It does however warm all muscles as they use their legs for bending up and down and their arms for turning the cone, and of course increases the heart rate and blood flow around the body.

A cool down is important to help the body recover after vigorous exercise. A cool down should include a slow gentle jog, this keeps blood moving around the body so that more oxygen can reach the muscles and help clear away lactic acid faster which stops the players muscle’s being too sore the day after. Stretching should be included in a warm down, this will loosen muscles, prevent stiffness as muscles get tight after heavy exercise.

My cool downs will be the same in each session. The cool downs will include a slow jog or fast walk to loosen muscles for a few minutes. Also a few static stretches, hamstrings stretch; standing with legs straight with feet shoulder width apart, bend at the hips forwards and lean down with arms as far as possible, trying to touch their toes, holding it for 5seconds and returning to standing position. To stretch quadriceps, stand on one leg, bend the other behind and hold into the body while standing tall and keeping the knees together, hold for 5 seconds, repeat on both legs. To stretch arms, bring one arm across the top of your body straight and with the other arm hold and gently push the straight arm in towards the body (do not hold the arm at the elbow), repeat on both arms.

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