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There are several aspects about this stave which makes the novel popular and entertaining; one of these is Bob Cratchitt. At the start Bob Cratchitt is treated quite badly and you instantly feel sorry for him. “His fire looks like one coal. ” With this dismal fire bob Cratchitt pathetically tries to warm his hands up; this adds to the sympathy you feel for him. We also feel sorry for him as scrooge makes them work in separate rooms, this makes you feel that scrooge wants them to work silently and formally. This gives scrooge as sense of power and gives the image that he is better than everyone else.

Dickens also contrasts Bob Cratchitt from scrooge. Scrooge is cold and mean whereas Bob Cratchitt is generous and warm. This is shown when Scrooges nephew came to visit “Page 6” What is also entertaining and adds to the popularity is that however mean and nasty scrooge is Bob Cratchitt always remains loyal, polite and gentle “Page 9. ” He also shows the contrast. “The clerk promised that he would; and scrooge walked out with a growl. ” Dickens makes him sound like a ‘wild boy’. Charles Dickens also makes scrooges character humorous (which makes it popular) because we think of an old grumpy man acting like a child.

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Then Scrooges nephew enters. His nephew is a very merry character. This is entertaining and popular as you anticipate conflict between Scrooge and his nephew. Scrooge tells him what right does he has to be merry. Scrooge’s nephew then responds with what right does Scrooge have to be dismal. This persistent manner to be merry makes him a very popular and entertaining character. Later on two charity workers walk in. This instantly makes you anticipate how mean scrooge is going to be. You know that scrooge is going to throw them out straight away as we no how mean and tight he is.

This creates humour and makes it very entertaining. As this scene goes on you see how heartless and mean scrooge really is. As the charity workers ask for money for the poor Scrooge replies with “Are there no prisons for the poor? ” This instantly sows how selfish he is, and the attitude he has to the people less fortunate than him. Seeing Marley’s face in the door knocker is entertaining and adds to the popularity as it takes Scrooge by surprise. It is funny as Scrooge; a sharp intimidating is taken by surprise and looks scared.

After he sees the face he does start to get nervous and scared walking into his house. For example he checks behind the door almost expecting to see Marley’s face behind him. Dickens uses a very clever way of describing this part which adds to the popularity. The purpose of Marley’s ghost visiting Scrooge is to warn him that he must change the way he treats people or will suffer the same fate as him; tied in chains to wander the earth for all eternity; watching people suffer yet you can do nothing to redeem your self..

He also comes to tell Scrooge that three spirits will visit him during the night. Scrooge noticed that Marley was tied chains. Marley says that they represent all the wrong things you have done in your life. Scrooge also noticed that Marley’s ghost was still wearing his old coat and boots that Scrooge knew so well, but he was a lifeless, transparent colour just like you would expect a ghost to be.

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