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I am also expected to dust my room when it gets dirty. This varies every week, so I am never sure when I need to do it (variable ratio). Rewards and punishments apply to my extra curricular activities, as well. For example, I have been taking private clarinet lessons for about eight years. My parents expect me to practice a certain amount of days per week in return for me to not have to pay. I am rewarded by not having to pay for the lessons and punished (when I do not practice the certain amount of days) by having something valuable taken away. In psychology learning is influenced in three main ways. The first is modeling.

Modeling is a way of learning where an individual learns how to behave or act by observing another individual. The second is called observational. Observational learning is the process of obtaining information by watching others. The third is disinhibition learning. This occurs when an observer watches someone else engage in a threatening activity without being punished. The observer may then find it easier to engage in that behavior. Throughout my life I have experienced all three. When I was younger I used to look up to Britney Spears. I wanted to dress like her, act like her, and even sing like her (modeling).

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I would mimic everything I saw her do in her music videos and television programs. Also, my mother is one of the biggest influences in my life. In the mornings before elementary school, I would watch intensely while she put on her make-up (observational). I would try to mimic everything she had done. (Usually everything somehow, ended up all over my clothes). However, Britney Spears and my mom have not been my only influences. I am also influenced by my friends. It was a hot and steamy day in June, when a couple friends and I finished watching an awesome “Youtube” video of friends putting Mentos into diet coke.

The results were exciting to watch and nothing bad had happened to them. Later that day we decided to buy some Diet Coke and Mentos to try it out for ourselves (disinhibition). As soon as we were all ready to drop the Mentos into the diet coke, one of my friends had dropped his Mentos in too early. The result was… wet. The explosive mixture ended up squirting all over everyone that was standing near him. Almost everyone had to go home and change clothes. We have yet to try that experiment again.

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