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This task requires me to explain different methods of oral and written communication and how it is used within Robinson Brothers. I also have to give examples on how it uses ICT to communicate and operate. Communications are used in all types of businesses. There are different types of communications for example: Oral, Video, Written and Graphical. If communication were not used within a business different functional departments would find it harder to converse with each other. All the different functional areas need to communicate with each other to meet the businesses objectives.

Written Communication:- Written communication can be used for many reasons within Robinson Brothers. This type of communication can be used for advertising products or promoting the business, also reports can be inscribed to show how a functional area is managing with the designated job and how they are progressing. One type of written communication is memos. Memos are used to: announce, inform advice, quantify, direct, discipline, instruct, and request. If something needs to be recorded formally in Robinson Brothers, it is done with a memo. Memo is most likely one of the most frequently types of communication used within the businesses. Memo is a use of formal version of communication that used for internal communication within a business, in this case Robinson Brothers. Memos are mainly used for the following purposes:  Giving Instructions Requesting Information  Making Suggestion Recording of Opinions This is an example of what a memo looks like

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Another piece of written communication within Robinson Brothers is the brochure created for their customers. Within this brochure, there is a lot of information for the customer that will encourage the consumers to purchase from Robinson Brothers and not competitors. On the reverse of the brochure, there is the businesses address, phone number, fax number and website. This is an asset to the customer as it enables them to get into contact with the business. Within the booklet is a brief description of the business. It explains the ISO number policy they have, Staff details, which they say 10% of staff is in the R&D sector. Investment of 5% revenues and what products are manufactured. In addition, they give an extra booklet explaining each product and its unique chemical formulae. The booklet also gives the temperature and different properties of each product.

One more example of written communication is letters. Letters can be good and bad in their own ways. Letters are used to inform those outside of the business, however can also be used inside of Robinson Brothers. However, they can be a disadvantage if the letter is lost or is posted to the wrong address. This can cause serious problems if the letter contains cheques, or private and confidential content. Most companies including Robinson Brothers have their own letterhead, which outlines the businesses telephone numbers and address. The letterhead illustrates professionalism of Robinson Brothers and can be a turning point for customers whether they buy or pass, as most customers like professionalism within a company that they are buying off.

Oral Communication: Oral communication could be used within Robinson Brothers for many different reasons. Oral communication is used in different situations so different devices are used such as: telephones, meetings, telephone conferencing, face to face. Another way that Robinson Brothers can communicate is by telephones. Telephones are the most popular and most used form of communication within businesses and outside of businesses. Robinson Brothers use telephones to order their raw products from the suppliers. Alongside ordering, they can also perform a load of other functions. The raw goods that they purchase go towards the finished product.

Another way that Robinson Brothers communicate through a telephone is if a customer wants to make an enquiry or suggestion. This call would be answered by customer services as they take all calls relating to customers enquiries. However if the customer is misunderstood by the customer service employee, something could be given at the wrong amount. The telephone system within Robinson Brothers allows calling internal and externally, which is maintained very well. When an employee calls internally, all that is needed is an extension number such as, 4123. This saves time if the call is an emergency.

Meetings are another way in which Robinson Brothers converse orally. Meetings are used for internal use; however, it can also be used for external utilization as well. Internally, Robinson Brothers uses meetings for when management get together of each sector to discuss ways in which the business can move forward in terms of competition. Meetings externally have to be organised by a person or group of people who contact those who are going to attend and confirm the meetings location and time. Then another person or group of people are needed to organise the conference room and refreshment etc.

Robinson Brothers use oral communications at events and exhibitions. The business attends exhibitions and events so they can promote their business and products. Robinson Brothers attend the Motor Show to publicise their products to businesses with similar market, as their products are popular with the motoring companies. This motor show is held annually which means that Robinson Brothers can only advertise to the motoring business within this event once a year.

ICT to Communicate ICT is used vastly used in the 21st century with the increase in technology. One example of ICT being used to communicate is via the Intranet. The Intranet is a private computer network which is internally linked and only employees can use. This is good to use as the business can post any job opportunities that are available. The business could also post the organisation structure.

An organisation structure shows which members of staff do what jobs. This is efficient to those who want to know who to contact for specialised information, for example, a customer who wants to raise a concern with the department head, the customer can check up on the manager’s name and extension key. A product database could be introduced to show the staff what products they sell. It can help for both the customer and the business. It is beneficial to the company as it will give new employees a sense of the product descriptions and will help if an enquiry comes in for a new product. In addition, it could help the staff get used to products and specifications so they can give professional advice to their consumers.

One use of ICT within a business or organisation is email to communicate within the organisation and externally. When emails are sent internally, it is normally over the intranet. The intranet is an internally linked and can only be accessed by those from within the business. If the Robinson Brothers decide to send emails externally, the use of internet will come in use, as it Emails could be used to send attachments of files or reports to other departments or to managers to show how the departments are progressing. In addition, emails can be used to contact suppliers to order raw goods that will go towards the finished product. Lastly, another reason why a business might choose to communicate by emails is that it is easier to send certain

rules, for example, the Health ; Safety rules and regulations within a company. This is a necessity for every company and without a clear understanding of these set of policies the company cannot operate effectively. ICT is also used to communicate in ways such as Video Conferencing. Video Conferencing is by using a webcam or video recording device and communicate across the world. This way of communicating is cost efficient and easier to access than travelling across the world. It is used by many people and many places, for example, two presidents talking to each other can use video conferencing.

Sometimes Robinson Brothers use ICT to do tests within the business to see if a product has been created to the specifications. ICT has to perform this because it would be chemicals that they are dealing with and the chemicals may not be safe for humans. However sometimes the ICT software could be faulty and give us the wrong readings. ICT to Operate Whilst Robinson Brothers are operating, a way of making this process more efficient is via ICT. ICT can be in use to assist operations sector in a number of ways. One method in which this can be of benefit to the company is if Robinson Brothers maintain their databases. A database is a collection of information that has been stored on a computer and the data has been organised. Within Robinson Brothers, databases are used in vastly to hold various information such as, Customers, Staff, Products, and suppliers.

Databases are normally kept confidential within Robinson Brothers as some databases may contain personal information. Databases are used within Robinson Brothers to advantage the companies use and efficiency of ICT, seeing as the use in this sort of technology saves the consumption of time and will allow Robinson Brothers to enhance their presentation skills. One use of a database used within Robinson Brothers is when a new member of the working force is employed. The new staff member can brief himself with the products sold to prepare themselves for any queries that may be asked regarding a particular item, therefore the employee will be expected to know the product specifications. Another means of usage for databases is when Robinson Brothers decide to pay their suppliers via cheque. This cheque can be hand delivered, however in the unlikely case that Robinson Brothers decide to post it, the suppliers address can be searched for in the database of suppliers.

Another usage of ICT to operate in a business is for the process of BACS, which is abbreviated for “Bankers’ Automated Clearing Services”. BACS is an automated system, which transacts finances and one way in which it can be used is when an employees is awaiting their wages slips, and through this system, the employee will receive it through this automated system. The BACS process normally takes three working days to clear. Firstly, they are entered into the system, then they take one day to process, and lastly they are cleared. This type of system is an easier system to work with, in comparison to individually sign the cheques for each employee, which can mount to a huge stack of work. This is a time conserving process, hence being effective towards Robinson Brothers in terms of saving time, which can be spent on signing other documents and contracts.

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