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Anyway, this woman in my opinion is ugly. I do not find her at all attractive. This women looks like she has very short hair, kind of like men hair. Next, we have her face; she has a sort of smirk on her face, sort of saying come on boy I’m waiting. But I think that her face is very masculine. We then come onto her body; this lady looks like she has no breasts. Otherwise she is very flat chested. She is wearing a white suit jacket. She has her arms crossed just below her breasts and looks like she is waiting for something.

Something else that I noticed was her hands, her hands are very big and her fingers are very chunky, also her fingernails are not beautifully manicured like most models hers are all brittle and bitten. This women natural feature are also masculine. I mean her face, hair, brests and hands, it’s clear to me that this women is actually androgenous. So why is this advertising a women’s perfume with a slogan saying expect everything? Well was this advert appealing to you? Did you think that she was really a women? Expect everything because she is actually androgenous!

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The next advert is one by Jean Paul Gaultier. This advert is not like other adverts because it doesn’t have any slogans. Jean made Maddonna’s corset for her when she went on her first tour and in the advert this women is wearing a corset, the women looks like Maddonna too. So I think that they are trying to make her look like to Maddonna. When Gaultier designed Maddonnna’s corset, Maddonna was seen as a strong person, she wasn’t afraid of men and she wouldn’t of been intimated by men, so unlike this advert so she would not have performed a strip-tease.

There is a man, he is a sailor but you can only see his head and from the straight of his head he is looking straight at her. She looks like she is performing a strip-tease. When someone performs a strip-tease it makes them feel sexy and cute. So this advert is saying spray me and when you perform sexual processdures you won’t need to wear the sexy erotic underwear all you really need is this perfume and you will be fine!

The last advert that we studied in class was the XS EAU DE TOILETTE – PACO RABANNE with a slogan ‘Stop thinking’. In this advert there is a man sitting down in a relaxed position. There is a women in front of him standing up with her legs apart;she is wearing a very small amounts of clothing. The man is looking straight ahead through the women. His hand is on the inside of his thigh and although I might be wrong it looks like he has an erection. The bottle containing the fragrence is to the side with in big letters XS at a quick glance it spells SEX.

There are the words ‘stop thinking’ to me seems to like ‘start doing’ and to most people that would stick in their sub-conscience, these words put with this advert would mean; ‘Stop thinking about sex and just do it’ this implies that the fragrance will make you need to have sex and make women want to have sex with you. If that is put into your sub-conscience it could lead to many bad things.

When I was watching a film on channel four half way through I was rudely interrupted by an advert I was about of flick over but then I thought no I could use this for my English homework. So here it is: There are 2 men on a beach, one of them is sunbathing and the other is running across the beach. The one who is sunbathing has just eaten a marmite sandwich, then the man who is running, runs over and starts to snog this man. The whole beach is watching and then there is a slogan which says ‘MARMITE you either love it or hate it’. This could mean just what it says but it could have a sort of 2 meaning type thing, this could mean that there is a homosexual gay lover thing going on here.

So many adverts today use homosexuallatly that they use them like they are going out of fashion, like the expersion says. This is not good for our children to grow up into. Many people don’t really relise how bad these adverts are. They can go right in, like into their sub-conscience brain without even knowing about it or speaking about. Such simple things like Barbie can grow in their sub-conscience without even knowing.

You think that when they say, Barbie really tall, Barbie’s really slim, Barbie’s got big boobs and all the rest of it, that’s just the end of it? Well no it isn’t it is now in there sub-conscience brain and will be there forever or until the next time that they think about. In about the year 2015 there will be loads of Barbie figures walking around! Why couldn’t they just make Barbie fat, ugly, short legs, small boobs? Such simple things like that could grow and unravel to such extreme measures that they will no be able to blank out this picture in there brain, be like Barbie, be like Barbie.

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