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Firstly the media obtains a very stereotypical of boys and girls toy advertisements as we are presented with very different products that are presented with very different ‘ingredients’. For example in the Action Man Kart Extreme the non diagetic soundtrack has a very thumping backing to it and the tempo of the music is raise to a high extent creating the fast paced effect of the advert. Between a boys advert and a girls advert there is a very thin line that separates the representation of an advert to a boy or girl.

Also the timing of the two adverts is the same but we can see between the adverts that we studied (Starlight fairy Barbie and Action man kart extreme) we see that the action man advert has many more shots that are shorter in length, creating the fast and action packed storyline. An interesting shot in the Action man advert is when you look through it shot by shot there is one scene that is straight cut in and out, but when you play it at a normal speed you can’t really see it and this could really be trying to give subconscious messages towards the child. In an example of colour usage of these two adverts we notice that in the Barbie advert the colour usage is more pastels E.G: mainly pinks and blues the blend with each other.

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Whereas in the Action man advert the colours contrast and which is known to stimulate the brain and in a result creating the more powerful image. So maybe the usage of colour in the Barbie advert could be trying to say to young girls that you shouldn’t try to be powerful and should stay quiet and submissive and dulling the brain.

The two adverts that I chose are specific to their own goals but they both have similarities and contrasts (Max Steel and Nancy School Nursery). The main difference between the two adverts is the idea of the toy and its own play purpose. As in the girls advert the idea is given across that you should stay at home and teach children and then play with them in the nursery. Whereas in the boys advert you are told to go out and defeat the evil “bad guy” and to be “manly”. This is a stereotypical view given to young boys that will follow this role model and the same effect goes to the girls as they are being told to be like a stereotypical 1950’s American middle class housewife.

I also see that the boys advert has more of a narrative theme towards it, which is the same as the action man advert, which could be evidence that the makers of these type of adverts work on a basis idea that they have found to work better on the young boy audience. So therefore will use it to create the best response to the product sale. But as the advert is aimed at a younger audience it won’t become noticeable to the child. Though when looking at the girls advert I see that there isn’t really a narrative towards it rather than it being a group of ideas that could be used when you play with the toy. Also in the girls advert the stereotypical view of a woman is given as she usually is wearing a dress and high heeled shoes, pushing out the idea of that is what they need to be like to be successful in life like the doll presented.

The editing between the two adverts seems to vary in difference but the most common to use is the straight cut, possibly trying to push in as many shots as possible. The Max Steel advert though does use some wipe shots E.g. when the hand glider flies past screen. Or a straight cut is masked by an explosion that pulls towards the screen giving the viewer an idea of been there in advert. As a result a feel of action and power is given to the toy advert. A contrast to this though is in then Nancy advert as most of the editing is shown as being usually a straight cut and the use of editing is quiet plain compared to the Max Steel advert.

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