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Denotation: The denotation of the picture is a good looking woman distracting a barber, while he is shaving a man’s beard. It is Black and white and the woman is walking in a provocative way. She is swinging her bag and she is also swinging her hips. The slogan of the company, which is called Wallis, is if looks could kill Connotation: The connotation of the bottom picture is that looks can really kill, as the barber has accidentally slit the man’s throat with a knife. It helps sell the product as it implies that the clothes you where make you look sexier and will turn men’s heads.

The unique selling points of these clothes are that if you wear them they make you look more attractive. It is saying that if you wear these clothes every man will turn his head, and be distracted, and look at you. These images are implying that looks could kill by the men being distracted doing there jobs, which could be dangerous. I think this advertisement appeals to the ‘Esteem Need’ of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need. I think this because it is not just clothes to wear just too have something on your back, it is something to wear that will turn a man’s head and hopefully form a relationship, therefore helping the woman’s esteem.

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The target audience for this product is females. I would say a female in about her early 20’s to about late 30’s. I believe this because it is a woman’s clothes advert and the woman in this picture is about early 20’s to about late 30’s. We studied a series of Levi commercials dating from the late 80’s and early 90’s. These commercials were extremely successful and the Levi brand name is now known world wide. The original Levi jeans were made for cowboys on the ‘wild west’ in the early 20’s and where famed for their durability. In this essay I will explore the various issues of representation which are used to sell jeans.

The first Levi’s commercial I am going to be analysing is the advert of a man in a laundrette. This man is tall, dark haired, dark skinned and who is also muscular. He enters the laundrette and there are several people in there. He then stands next to a washing machine and starts to remove the clothes he is wearing. Being an attractive male this attracts the interest of all of the young, and also attractive, women in the laundrette. He strips down to his waist and puts his pair of Levi jeans into the washing machine. At this point I feel the advert is useless, but there is a huge twist. He then, after he has placed his Levis in the washing machine, opens his bag and starts to throw lots of stones into the washing machine. He washes his jeans with the stones. This is the catchphrase for the advert, ‘Levi jeans – now stone washed.’

The idea of this advert is to let the viewers know that Levi’s now come in a stone washed design. I believe this advert is directed at females. The idea of a young handsome man will attract the attention of young women. I think that the target audience for this advert is aimed at young women aged 18 – 25. I think this because his is the age group which is most likely to purchase these jeans. I personally rate this advert seven out of ten.

The second commercial I shall be analysing is one I call ‘Chin-ups’. This is an advert in which a young muscular man is showing off performing a number of chin-ups. After performing these chin-ups the man decides to have a nice refreshing bath. He runs the bath and then gets into the bath and lays down wearing his new Levi jeans. The idea of this advert is to advertise that Levi’s now come in your size-pre shrunk. The tag line reads ‘shrunk to fit.’ I feel that the gender representation portrays very strongly that these jeans are for males only. There is not one woman seen in this advert. I think that the target audience for this advert is aimed at young males aged eighteen to twenty five. The music used in this advert consists of a lyric ‘…but I do know I love you.’ I believe that this is saying if you have a pair of Levi jeans, you will be in love with them. This is an extremely persuasive advert and I rate it nine out of ten.

The third and final advert I shall be analysing is of a couple, who are deeply in love, at a train station. This advert is based around the time of the Second World War. The man is leaving for war and things start to get a little emotional. Both of the couple start crying. The train is about to leave and he kisses his girlfriend. In this situation people are expected to give their partner an object of the highest value. The man gives her his Levi jeans. The significance of this part is that the man feels these jeans are the best thing he owns. This is why the man gives them to his girlfriend. I believe that the gender representation of this advert is aimed at both make and females. I think this because the man gives them to his lover, this means he must of wore them previously and now she will.

Overall I think that this is a good commercial and it shows good representation of the both genders. I rate this advert eight out of ten. Overall I can understand why these commercials were so successful. They are storylines that I feel you can relate to, so people buy the jeans because of this.

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