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Hardy uses men throughout the book as a big role in both Bathsheba’s and Fanny’s lives. One man is Gabriel Oak. As soon as Oak sets eyes on Bathsheba, he is deeply in love with her so decides to propose to her in Chapter Four, ‘”… Will you marry me? Do Bathsheba. I love you far more than common! “‘ Due to Bathsheba’s vanity, she declines but after saying that she would like all of the things that Oak has been telling her. Her vanity is her main sin throughout the book.

Vanity is seen as a bad thing even nowadays it is and it made her seem like a mean person however; Oak still had feelings for her. Mr Boldwood is another man in Bathsheba’s life who has feelings for her. He didn’t notice Bathsheba at first and she didn’t like that, so as a joke, decides to send him a Valentine’s card with the words ‘marry me’ on it. Another reason why she sent him the card is that she was bored so she and Liddy decided to make a bet. It was a Sunday and no one was allowed to do anything in Victorian times, especially betting.

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The fact that she was betting on a Sunday was bad as this was seen as sinning. So they decided to throw their hymn book thinking that it wouldn’t be seen as sinning. Unfortunately, once Boldwood received the card, he suddenly became obsessed with her, ‘”… My life is not my own since i have beheld you clearly… I come to make you an offer of marriage. “‘ In ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’, there is one man that is a main part in both Bathsheba’s and Fanny’s life – Sergeant Troy.

We first met Troy in chapter eleven when Fanny goes to see him outside of the barracks. A person in the Victorian Times would see Fanny Robin as a bad person if they read this chapter. This is because Hardy uses different ways to hint to the reader that she has seen Troy ‘lots of times’ before and she might have had sex with him. One example of this is ‘”Your wife Fanny”‘. People would see this as sinning as they thought that it was wrong for people to have sex before marriage.

However, Hardy still makes the reader see that Fanny is actually a good person, even though she had sex before marriage. Sergeant Troy may also be seen as a sinner due to him marrying Bathsheba just for her money. He bribed Bathsheba into marry him, saying that he had seen a prettier woman earlier that day (playing with Bathsheba’s vanity). As their relationship grows, the reader gets the feeling that Troy only married Bathsheba to get to her money and spend it on betting, ‘”… you have lost more than a hundred pounds in a month by this dreadful horseracing… “‘

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