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The characters in the fairy world have the greatest impact of magic for both the lovers and the mechanical ‘worlds’. Puck, also known as Robin Goodfellow, is an evil and mischievous character who is said to ‘fright the maiden of the villagery’ and ‘misleads night-travellers’. These two quotations clearly support my point on how mischievous a character Puck is. He is a fairy with the powers to transform his voice and appearance so that he may ‘lurk in gossip bowls’ and cause mischief.

His conversation with the fairy in Act two, scene one is very magical and fantastical. Puck is a really important magical character because he uses his magic to make everything happen in the play. The reader might think that Puck uses some of his spiritual powers sinisterly. We can see this were it is written that he ‘misleads night-travellers’. It suggests that magic is not always used for a good cause and sometimes used menacingly.

In addition to the last point about sinisterness, we can see it occur at other times where magic is used improperly. An example of this can be seen when Oberon says to Titania ‘Glance at my credit with Hippolyta,/knowing I know thy love to Theseus? ‘ This shows to the reader that Oberon and Titania have manipulated Theseus and Hippolyta. Oberon, Titania and the other fairies do not just use magic in their ‘kingdom’ but also in the ‘real’ world to gain what they want.

This shows us how sinister and important magic can be as it is used everywhere for good and terrible causes. Finally the battle between Oberon and Titania over has devastated nature and hurt people but neither one cares showing their sinisterness. We can see this when Titania concludes her speech saying these ‘evils comes/ From our debate, from our dissension. ‘ This demonstrates that despite the fact they know what is happening due to their argument, none of them are concerned. Regardless of the importance of magic it is iniquitous in some ways.

The love potion is made from the juice of a flower that was struck with one of Cupid’s misfired arrows. Once the juice is laid ‘on sleeping eyelids’, it will make the ‘man or women dote/ Upon the next live creature that it sees. ‘ This juice is used by Oberon to get revenge on Titania for not giving him the Indian boy. This can be seen when Oberon says to Puck that he will ‘drop the liquor of it in her eyes’. This example demonstrates magic is really important as anything and everything can be done using it.

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