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Write a detailed analysis of the three advertisements, comparing their different approaches to their subject and the different female stereotypes that they use. I will be analysing three different adverts that i have been given which all have chosen to use females to advertise their products and service. Today in the 21st century advertisements are all around us. Whether it is in town with billboards and banners, or at home via the media with T. V. or radio and because of this we see or hear at least one advert everyday.

An advertiser needs to be very aware of the type of person that they are aiming to sell their product to. They also need to consider what is likely to motivate that person to buy their product. This is so that they can create the right image for their product and can persuade people to buy it. Advertisers have to create a strong image for their product; this means that they will link it in a customer’s mind with the type of person that they think they are or, more to the point that they would like to be.

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The image that an advertiser creates depends on which group they are aiming to sell to. Every advert is targeted at a certain audience. It is designed to persuade a certain person of a specific age, sex and class to purchase the product in focus. In an advert, the product being advertised is portrayed to its target audience looking its best and up most.

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