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The ‘car’ advert rotates the car so that the exhaust pipe is facing upwards. Also there is a close up of the car. This is so the audience can see nothing but the car, so there is no way of overlooking it, they have to face the facts. Also the fact that it is rotated is because the audience won’t at first understand what the picture is of. Whereas upon further inspection they realise that it is a car. This makes the audience ponder that looks can be deceiving and that the idea about cars being one of the biggest contributors of CO2 emissions, a fact we usually ignore may actually be true.

The colours and pictures of the ‘twinkle twinkle’ advert could also mean that the advert is aimed towards children. Perhaps the idea that the children would see the advert and question their parents as to what is going on. Their parents might then realise what they are doing by wasting electricity, and so on is going to affect their children. However children might do something as well. After all the carbon emissions will affect their lives. By making children aware of the possible outcomes of the future, they themselves would want to do something to make sure we change our ways to prevent our future from ending up like that.

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On both the adverts, at the bottom of the advert there is the ‘search online for ACT ON CO2’ line. This is positioned at the bottom, because after looking at the two adverts and the seriousness of the message being given, the audience will begin to wonder how they can prevent this from happening. Then by looking at the bottom they find out where they can go for advice on how to prevent it. This encourages parents to visit the Act on CO2 website and see the current campaigns, the consequences and how to prevent it.

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