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In this essay I am going to compare the different approaches used by two different advertising campaigns for coffee. The main aims of the advertisements are to sell the products to the public and to encourage brand loyalty. The target audience are important for planning advertising campaigns because the audience are the people who buy the product. The advert uses stereotypes to appeal to a very wide audience by using very illustrated pictures to appeal to audience in a short quick time.

An example of a stereotype is the Cap Columbie advert because it just shows a quick illustrated of a ship in Columbia handing out cafi?? to show the fresh and experience or taste. Nescafe magazine article In the image, I saw a white man wearing a jacket with white shirt and jeans on with his right hand in his pocket and his left hand holding a red mug in a record shop leaning at the door next to the blinds with a sold sign. The man is relaxed and consented and you could see the light shining on his face and I would describe the man in his early 30’s.

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You could see the outside of the record shop and at the outside there is a wall and a sea at a far view. Inside the record shop there is a Marylyn Monroe picture, tea pots, a lot of brown colours which give a sepia feel to it, CD rack with CD’S inside, an old 50’s juke box and empty boxes at the side. The slogan of this advert is make a fresh start which describes exactly what the man is doing because he just bought a record shop and making a fresh start and the James Brown song describes his feeling because the song is called I Feel Good.

The narrative behind the image is that the man has just bought a record shop and making a fresh start. The connotation of the jukebox and the red mug is that the jukebox makes you think of something old because the jukebox is old and valuable which is like the coffee itself and the red mug just makes you think of the coffee itself. The target audience connoted by the image are mainly for adults because they are the people who mainly drink coffee not children’s.

My overall opinion about the Nescafe magazine article is that it doesn’t try hard enough to appeal to audience because it is to plain and doesn’t have any information about the coffee itself. Cap Colombie The Nescafe Cap Colombie advert consists of illustrated picture of people in Colombia handing out cafi?? on a boat. The picture denotes that the coffee is rich and expensive because it shows a posh woman drinking the coffee. I would expect to find this coffee in a quality newspapers aimed at middle class people. The brand name Nescafe Cap Colombie suggests that it is the purest coffee and that it is a rare coffee.

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