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He recalls when he read an advertisement by Chevriolet, which boasted ‘109 advantages designed to keep it from becoming old before his time’. When this was checked fully by an automotive journalist the special advantages included rear view mirrors, reversing lights, balanced wheels and other such features, which are standard on all cars! This is allowed by the ASA and is completely legal, but if you did not know it was standard on all cars then you may be lead to believe that this car is more technologically advanced that its competitors.

Although adverts can be very irrelevant and cause negative responses in ourselves, it would not only be implausible, but impossible to ban advertisements altogether. If it was banned then not only would thousands of people loose their jobs, people be unaware of technological advances but also the economy would probably collapse. It is a utopian concept that is physically unobtainable, as without it our lives would cease to function in the same way. It is my opinion that although advertisements can sometimes appal and upset us, they are necessary and a very valuable asset.

Not only to the companies who want to sell more of their products, but also to us as the consumer as without it, how would we have sponsored events and know of the latest products on the market, which can help us with the way we live our fast paced lives? Without the use of advertising, things like the television, computer, Internet, even things such as disposable nappies may not be in such widespread use. The fact is, although many people would like to get rid of advertising, where would we be without it?

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