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There are materials that the company gives each employee to work with which is a knife, tweezers, glue, scissors and an object that is called “priem” which is used for taking out the old instruction papers for the medication so new one can be add. If someone gets cut by a knife, they will rush you to the bathroom call an assistant with a first aid kit and take care if your wound, if the wound is worse and they cannot manage that at work they will need to send you to the company’s doctor. Polyfarma provides opportunities for employees to be involved.

Employees must know that management is committed to occupational health and safety and all workers should act in the company’s best interest. Polyfarma keeps safety records that will use to judge their company. They do this because some potential employees will think twice about working in an organization that is not serious about the health and safety of its employees. So if employees can review the company statistic, they can see the health and safety issues have been dealt with satisfactory.

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The company must make sure that their procedures are documented and are carried out during any accidents. Their first concern should always be the health and safety of their staff, since it is a production company, they don’t have customers coming in. their procedures should always be reviewed after an accident occurred and try making changes that will prevent the accident from happening again. They will keep a detailed record of the accident for possible workers compensation claims or future corrective action.

They provide any rehabilitation necessary and recognize any significant achievements in coping with the incident. Temperature / ventilation Since the building is a warehouse the temperature of the building must be kept on the right temperature so that it won’t contaminate the medication we get in and keep them cool. If it’s hot they make sure that the air co is one everyday even through the weekends where someone comes in and check out to make sure nothing is on fire or harmed. P3 Outline the rules and responsibilities for health and safety of key personnel in a selected workplace.

Who’s responsible? The role Managers/ ass. manager They are both responsible for the working environment in the building. They need to make sure that the air inside is breathable. Our health and safety inside of the building. They need to make sure that the emergency exit is clear so if anything happens employees can evacuate quickly. They need to make sure the insurance is up to date, alarm central is working and that the machines in the building will not kill any one Warehouse Manager

The warehouse manager will need to make sure that they have a kit available in case one of the injection needles are burst that we can get ourselves clean one time. Certain medication pregnant woman can’t work with so he needs to make sure list that so that the warehouse workers can note in the files. The warehouse manager’s needs to make sure that our working tables are suitable for our health and body posture. Production Manager The production managers needs to make sure that everyone know what type of medication they are working with.

As mentioned before if someone is pregnant she cannot plan them in to work in the cabin. The production managers needs to make sure we read the weekly manual on what is going on with the medicines so that no one gets an allergic reaction of becomes ill. She needs to make sure we are properly covered in our overall so that if any medicine gets spill we can quickly take off the overall Quality Care The quality care department needs to first make sure that the medication they are ordering doesn’t have any affect our health.

They need to make sure go in dept details of each medication they will order so that they can note it in the files for all departments of the building. First aider The managers will need to make sure ask which employee can volunteer so that they can do the EHBO test. In each company they should have someone that can perform recitation in case someone claps or stop breathing. The company will end up paying for the course so that they know they will end up having the certificate Fire department If a fire breaks out, the fire department should be notified and be on their way as soon as possible.

When setting up a fire alarm system and it goes off the fire department should make a call first to see if it isn’t a fire drill and if not be right on their way. If the fire alarms goes off ate at night they should call the manager one time and then follow the procedures after. P4 describe the procedures designed to indentify, monitor and prevent health and safety hazards in a selected workplace. Polyfarma would need to work out how people could be harmed. When you work in a place every day it is easy to overlook some hazards. Here are ways that they can help identify them.

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