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Telecommuting, or working from home is a work arrangement in which employees enjoy limited flexibility in working location and hours. In other words, the daily commute to a central place of work is replaced by telecommunication links. Many work from home, while others, occasionally also referred to as nomad workers utilize mobile telecommunications technology to work from coffee shops or myriad other locations.

The adoption of local area networks promoted sharing of resources, and client server computing allowed for even greater decentralization. Today, telecommuters can carry laptop PCs around which they can use both at the office and at home (and almost anywhere else). Telecommuters are linked to their home office by using groupware, virtual private networks, and similar technologies to collaborate and interact with team members. Benefits:

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Benefits of using ict in teleworking include, in case employee hurts his/herself then they can work from home for the period that they have to rest therefore they don’t loose their job or fall behind, skilled employees can be retained by offering them more flexible working conditions (at home) ,employers save on heating, lighting and space since more people are working at home not in the office ,there’s a significant improvement in overall productivity when people work from home ,less money to pay for transportation and car insurance, there will be an increased motivation of teleworkers- every year about 250,000 people become teleworkers

How they use this technology? Teleoworkers use the technology by using the internet for research, using emails to send information or requests to co workers or if help is needed sending letters asking for help from technicians and other staff etc… , using Microsoft Word for writing up letters and information needed to be stored, making spreadsheets to store financial information, just being able to use computers is how they use technology, fax machines used to send and receive data and information, graphics to create a high quality commercial documents i. e. design logo, headed stationary, business cards etc…, database to keep a mailing list of customers.

How the technology meets their needs: Technology meets the needs of teleworkers by allowing employees to work at home, allowing them to send emails to co workers in case have any technical problems, use of databases to keep a mailing list of customers. spreadsheets being used to set up business plans, using Graphics on the computer to create high quality commercial documents i. e. design logo, business cards etc… , having a fax machine meets their needs by giving them a quick way to send and receive various documents to other employees

Consequences of not having this technology: Consequences of teleworkers not being able to access ict causes huge problems – research would have to be done from magazines and books as there’s no internet access, letter have to be sent by post or use mobile phones or fax to talk to colleagues instead of emails as there’s no ict access, logos and business cards will have to be hand written as there’s no ict access. There will have to be a filing cabinet of customer names as a database cant be used also much more filing cabinets will need to be used to store documents and papers as there’s no computer holding all information.

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