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Richer Sounds’ objective is to expand their business whilst Gondhia Constructions Mr M. G. Gondhia wishes to decrease his work load and shrink the business size as he feels it is too much to take on as the only active partner. Difference in Location Richer Sounds has more than one place whilst GCL only have one location. Richer Sounds has stores all over the country and receive many customers at each store whereas GCL have one location and drive out to where seems necessary (the location of the ongoing project). Difference in Ownership

Both Gondhia Constructions Limited and Richer Sounds are private limited companies but the scale of Richer Sounds is much larger than to that of GCL. Julian Richer is an entrepreneur and Minesh Gopal Gondhia is the active partner of a partnership. Difference in Activity The activity of Gondhia Constructions is specialising in large building projects and ensuring that all buildings made have everything needed as a base (e. g. plumbing). Richer Sounds, however, want to sell unique hi-fi equipment. Both are offering something (as does any business).

Richer Sounds offer products with an excellent service and SPL provide a service with excellent buildings (produces) as an outcome. Richer Sounds is active in the tertiary sector that is conveyed in businesses and Gondhia Constructions is in the secondary sector because it is constructive work: taking material and making something for beneficial reasons out them. Suggestions in how any part of both businesses could be improved There may be one or two aspects of each business which could either be improved or added on.

Richer Sounds could concentrate on other areas of the country, as most stores are concentrated in London. If the spread was wider, there would be an even higher status of the business because there are there would be more new, different customers rather than the same customers visiting different stores in the same place. This could only be a good change if the business wanted to expand, which Richer Sounds wish to do so by taking this point into thorough consideration might be good. Mr Gondhia’s aim was to decrease his work load.

Perhaps by taking on more regular employees and maybe even an active partner onto the business would be of great benefit to him. If this was to happen his work load is reduced and other projects or issues could be more concentrated and focused on. Richer Sounds Finance The finance department take the responsibility to check the money input and out put of a business. Any problems that occur have to be taken seriously. The use of computers and information technology enable financial transactions to be recorded and analyses immediately.

Finance Department in Richer Sounds The finance department of Richer Sounds is headed by John Currier who is the Finance Director. Marketing and sales takes on the responsibility for making sure customers are fully informed about the business. This includes taking out operations such as: market research, advertising and sales promotions and checking up on the design and development of a website/web store. The sales department sells the service or good to the customer and certifies sales records.

Marketing and Sales in Richer Sounds The Marketing Director of Richer Sounds is Claudia Vernon. The group of colleagues she works along side take on a range of criteria that are grouped into four main areas. Criteria of Richer Sounds Marketing Department 1. “Marketing. ” This is analysing feedback from customers and up-to-date information on competition which strengthens their market approach. This helps Richer Sounds how to decide the methods of advertisement and promotion that should be used.

2. “Designing. ” The contemporaries in this department produce all eleven in-store catalogues per year. They also produce the advertisements that are placed in the national press and specialist magazines. All the things, such as signs: price tickets and leaflets are, all imaged up by the designers. 3. “Point-of-sale (POS). ” This is keeping all the stores as interesting as they can get. This all is including the fixtures, fittings, lighting, flooring and even the posters that get put up.

The design side is responsible for the creation of POS and further to that POS is liable to keep up-to-date of the designs and sharing them amongst all the stores as weekly “Point-of-Sale packs”. 4. “The Richer Sounds website. ” This is also the responsibility of Marketing and covers every aspect of the website such as: the design of the website, making sure it is user friendly, making any change is updated on the website, distributing e-mail newsletters to customers and scrutinizing the use of the site – what the viewers are concentrating on when on the website.

The marketing department undergoes many extents to meet every customers needs. However, there is something called “key customers” in the language of Richer Sounds which is an area that is equally respected as any other customer but is more outstanding. When Richer Sounds were first growing, the key customers were branded as male and between the ages of 16 and 30. After many years, and many technological developments the key customers are of a wider range.

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