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We can find a number of research methods concerned with personality researches. These are clinical studies that record an abnormal personality. The second method is case studies, which research the individual. Another method such as self report and questionnaires are directed towards the general population. Observation and twin and adoption studies also help us to develop and further research personality theories.

A variety of techniques have been used to explore the idiographic approach. For instance, the respondents are asked to provide 20 answers to the question ‘who are you?’ (Bugental and Zelen, 1950) or to complete the expression such as ‘I am …’ or ‘The person I would like to be …’ (Smith, 1992).

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The typical example of the measure method of nomothetic approach is a questionnaire, which researches who is more anxious and who is less anxious and the consequences of anxiety in the influence of life satisfaction and career choice.

The aim of this work is not to find out if the idiographic approach is better or worse than with the nomothetic approach. They are just used within different purposes. So put simply, the idiographic approach points out that every single person has got a unique psychological structure and that some characterictics are possessed by only one person. In contrast, the nomothetic approach emphasizes a person such as sets of dimensions that have the psychological meaning in everyone.


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