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This is a flow chart showing how I will carry out the task. 1. I would try to find as much as I can about the club. 2. I would then see how the club will benefit from the use of computers 3. I will then make a membership form for people who want to join the club and have training practices at the club and if the person is good, enough they will be in the team. 4. I will then make a Database about the club’s members that are involved including the players. 5. I then will add up the profits made in the club shop by using a spreadsheet. 6. Finally, I will design a membership form telling people if they want to join the football club. I will also design a poster to advertise the club and tell people that they can come and watch the football games played on Sundays. Therefore, the club can make profit from letting people watch the football game.

Implementation of Solution RESOURCES Hardware Although computers are expensive and are continually being improved, this should not be a real problem for a growing club such as this one; their aim should be to invest in up to three computers, as it will pay off. The reasons being are that things will be done really fast, such as making letters, posters and membership forms. Also a new up to date printer will be essential, as it would speed up printing.

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Printers Nearly every business has a computer, and in every business that has a computer they always have a printer. The reason being is that computers will be useless without a printer as they wouldn’t be able to send letters or design posters and wouldn’t be able to get anything out of a computer. So a printer is required, a football club such as this one needs a relatively fast printer and to show good presentation it needs to be a colour printer.

Software Software is just as important as the computer without decent software the computer is not really much use. The software that is going to be implied has to have lots of options and choices, to be available for the user. The club should be hoping for at least a Windows 95 package as its least requirements as it provides lots of options, anything less then that requirement wouldn’t really be of any use for the club. Although Windows 3.11 wouldn’t be too bad, I think the club such as this one should be hoping to have at least a Window 95.

Letters Letters that need to be sent off can be done with relative ease and with not wasting too much time as letters can be typed up and then printed, as many times, depending on how many is needed. Also printing out more copies wouldn’t be much of a problem as the original letter would already be saved in the hard drive and so copying an extra copy wouldn’t be much of a problem. I have included a letter in this project.

Databases and Spreadsheets Using Spreadsheets and Databases is a good way of storing information such as the information of the team members and the staff members. Also what can be also helpful to the club using this application is that calculating the balance of formulas can be done manually. In my project I have also included a Spreadsheet about the club members to show how essential this application can be to the club.

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