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Theme Parks – This is probably the most popular and common type of visitor attraction. There are several in the UK, the most popular being Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures. They tend to features a wide variety off different attractions that different types of customer can enjoy, like fast rollercoaster and arcades. Historical Buildings – There are many of these around the UK which people enjoy visiting, mainly to find out more and to view the history.

One of the most popular historical buildings in the UK is Buckingham Palace, which is where the Queen lives. There is another popular Palace in Brighton which is called the Royal Pavilion, which is one of Brighton’s biggest Attractions and most beautiful buildings. Other types of historical building which people like to visit are Churches ; Cathedrals (a popular example would be Westminster Abbey or Canterbury Cathedral which both have great history), Castles (there are many different popular castles located around the UK an example would be Leeds Castle) also there are Stately Homes that are commonly visited (Like the Banqueting House in London or Hampton Court Palace in Surrey)

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Piers – As seaside resort are popular destinations for tourists many of them have piers with different entertainment on for people to enjoy. The main seaside destinations with piers are places like Blackpool, Brighton, Eastbourne, Southend etc. These piers all have different entertainment on; they can include things like thrill rides like rollercoaster’s, confectionary stalls, arcades, bars, restaurants etc.

Blackpool features three different piers, the South pier, the North pier and the Central pier; they are all offer different entertainment. For example the North pier is very popular for the theatre and the Victorian styles carousel, the Central pier is popular with the families as it features different rides like dodgems a big wheel with a carnival atmosphere and the South pier features all of the big and fast rides like the reverse bungee and the crazy mouse.

Museums – All museums in the UK are purpose built and provide services to their customers, the services they have available are generally for education and fun. There are many museums around the UK that are available for the public to enjoy, some of the most popular ones are the National Gallery which is an Art museum in London, there’s also the British museum which is host to one of the biggest collections of art in the world and it is also in London. There is also a Natural History museum in London it is a very big museum with over 70 million items and is also probably one of the most popular with tourist and day visitor

Art Galleries – They put works off different artists on display for the public, and different Art galleries will have different materials to put on display for example an Art gallery in Brighton could put the works of artists that are from Brighton on display and then there are the Art gallery’s that like to purchase different kinds of art to put up, like the National gallery in London would obtain high profile works of arts from more of the better known artists in order to attract a bigger audience. A popular Art gallery in Brighton is call Brighton Museum & Art gallery which features many different works of Art from 20th Century works of art to Mr Willet’s pottery! One of the most popular Art gallery’s in the UK is the National gallery in London which has one of the best ranges of art in Europe; they have work from many famous artists including Van Gogh and Leonard da Vinci.

Theatres – They are places where you can go to watch performing arts like play’s, musicals, ballet etc. Theatres are popular with everyone, it is more what is on at the theatre which might not suit everyone for example not everyone is interested in ballet shows. You particularly see many couples going to the theatre, educational purposes, you see families etc. One of the best destinations for the theatre in the UK is probably London’s West End which is mainly theatres. Some of the More popular theatres in the West End include; the Piccadilly theatre, the Prince of Wales theatre, the Apollo Victoria theatre, the Palace Theatre and there are many more.

Aquaria – Are attractions that people visit for the sea life creatures, they normally feature big tanks with a sea through glass window which the visitors can look through and to see what is in the tank. These are particularly popular with families, as they tend to feature lots of younger orientated activities alongside the animals. One of the most popular aquaria’s in the UK is London Aquarium, it is one of Europe’s biggest of it’s kind and it features over 400 different types of species through over 50 displays. Another very popular aquarium in the UK is called “Blue Reef Aquarium”, the first was in Newquay, but now they also have one in Portsmouth and Tynemouth.

Zoo – A zoo is a place you would visit which has a public exhibition of animals. Zoo’s are particularly popular with families, as lot’s of zoo’s again aim to promote to the younger generations. Some of the bigger zoo’s in the UK include London Zoo, Edinburgh Zoo, Blackpool Zoo, Bristol Zoo etc. London Zoo is probably one of the biggest as it has over 600 animals on display.

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