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There are alternative routes that can be taken to ensure you follow the Building Regulations without you actually having to contact your local authority for advice; The NBS (National Building Specification), is one of them. This extract from their website, describes what they do; The Building Regulations apply in the UK and exist to ensure; the health and safety of people in and around buildings; suitable access to and around buildings; and energy conservation. Regulations apply to both new and alterations to existing buildings, whether they are domestic, commercial or industrial.

To accompany the Building Regulations, guidance is provided on how the regulations could be met. In England and Wales, these are known as the Approved Documents. In Scotland the Technical Handbooks and in Northern Ireland, Technical Booklets. The Approved Documents are published by NBS and are available to purchase in printed format from RIBA Bookshops. They can be purchased individually or as a complete set. Guides are also available.

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Alternatively a subscription to NBS Building Regulations will ensure you are always up to date with the most up to date and archive Approved Documents, Technical Handbooks and more, in an enhanced, easy-to-use electronic format. As expected from NBS, we have written extra technical guidance too. NBS Shortcuts, are a series of practical guides to help you understand new regulations, materials and technology, to facilitate Building Regulations compliance. These are available as a subscription from RIBA Bookshops or exclusively in electronic format as part of a subscription to NBS Building Regulations.

NBS Building Regulations: It will ensure you are up-to-date As NBS is the official publisher of the Approved Documents, you can be sure that you are referring to the most up-to-date information available. NBS Building Regulations: It will save you time As the content of NBS Building Regulations is presented in an easy-to-search and browse format you will locate the information you need quickly. It also contains hyperlinks to other referenced technical documents, in The Construction Information Service.

NBS Building Regulations is also linked to the guidance in NBS specification software. This means that when you’re writing your spec and the guidance refers you to an Approved Document, you can link directly to that document in NBS Building Regulations. NBS Building Regulations: It will save you money A subscription to NBS Building Regulations costs from �190+VAT and includes enhanced electronic versions of the full set of Approved Documents and NBS Shortcuts which to purchase in printed versions would cost �290. And NBS Building Regulations contains much more too: Scottish Technical Handbooks, Northern Ireland Technical Booklets, news, and details of relevant events.

Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre contains a comprehensive archive of Building Regulations Approved Documents for England and Wales, Scotland Technical Handbooks and Northern Ireland Technical Booklets. It also contains many associated documents and guides written to accompany the main documents. We provide you with current, and for your convenience, superseded documents with most available to view online in HTML format or download. The content of the Knowledge Centre offers many other benefits including:

NBS Shortcuts NBS Shortcuts is a new series of quick, essential guides. They have been created to help building designers navigate the minefield of regulations, new materials and technology that they are confronted with on a regular basis. Available to buy in paper format, NBS Shortcuts are also exclusively available in HTML format as part of a subscription to NBS Building Regulations. More Shortcuts are being added every month representing great value for NBS Building Regulations subscribers. A free sample, for non-subscribers, is available at

Building Regulations Events Archive The NBS Building Regulations site also includes information about forthcoming NBS and industry wide events. NBS Building Regulations subscribers receive exclusive advance notice about forthcoming NBS Building Regulations events and all presentations delivered at these events are made available to subscribers as part of their subscription.


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