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The conclusion of the median age is that the female Canadians are living longer than the males. Female could be around 39 years old and the male around 37 years old. When we talk about religions, a lot of people in different countries are from religion Roman Catholic. In Canada there are 42. 6% Catholic. 23. 3% are Protestant, Christian people 4. 4%, Muslim 1. 9%, other religions 11. 8% and 16% don’t believe in it. If we compare this with the Netherlands, there are a few differences. Most of the populations are Roman Catholic, just like Canada.

But the Dutch people developed a own religion; the Dutch Reformed. 13% believes in that, but 41% don’t have a religion. That’s a huge difference. The population rate of Canada was in 2005 0. 9%. Per 1,000 populations the birth rate was 10. 84 and the death rate 7. 73 the birth rate in the Netherlands is a little bit higher than in Canada, namely 10. 9 per 1,000 populations. The death rate is at this moment 8. 68 per 1,000 populations. Both countries the literacy begins at an age of 15 years and older. The immigration has contributed significantly two-way relations.

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About 400,000 Dutch persons are permanent residents of Canada. And in 1996 124,545 residents of Canada are born in the Netherlands; that’s about 0. 4% of the Canadian population. The Embassy concludes that between 4500 to 5000 Canadians live in Holland. The family types are nowadays very different. Couples want fewer children and marriages don’t take a lifetime anymore. Canadians think themselves as healthy people. A quote from a Canadian: “Compared with people from other countries, we live longer and suffer from fewer chronic illness and disabilities as we age.

” But it’s not the same for all the Canadians; there are a lot of differences from coast to coast. Factors (like age, sex, place of residence and economic) can have an impact on well-being. In 1998, the United Nations reports that Canada has an ‘enviable standard of living’. But not everyone in Canada has an equal opportunity to enjoy it. The education in this large country has been increased during the years. More and more people wants to improve their skills by taking an training or education to go higher up in the job function. Compared to a couples years ago, people have more certificates, diplomas and degrees.

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