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Customers are important because they are the ones who are going to buy the products and people open shops because they want money and want to make profit so if you have no customer, that is mean no profit Cost of the premises is important because it is a sole trader business and an owner will have to find out the cost of the land before he or she buy the premise because they might not have enough capital; to buy the premises.

Cost of the premises are important because you need to know who much it will cost you to buy the premises and if have enough capital you will buy the land and if you don’t have enough capital or you think its expensive you can go and look for other premises in other areas or rent the property. Suppliers and raw materials are important because it is a public limited company. In this kind of business, you manufacture your own goods as well so that why it is important that you have suppliers who supply you the goods you need for your business.

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Transportation: It is important because Tesco they do home delivery so that is why it is important that they have some kind of transport so they can supply the product, which they have ordered. People and Skills: this is important you do not want peoples to work in your company without skills and qualification. If an employee have a good skills and qualification it is going to be good for your business because then the staff will know how to deal with the customers and how to solve their problems 4d)

Are these reasons more or less significant now then they were originally. I think for Abbey grorcies these reasons are less and more significant. The reason I think it is less significant that these kind of business are interested in making profit coming in the business that it because it a sole trader all you want is money coming in to your business. The reason I think its important as well because with out theses factors your business will not be able to run so well because like this you will have no money coming in your business.

I think for Tesco these factors are more significant. I think these reasons are important because it is a public limited company, it is important to them to run the business fairly and give all the details to the shareholders as well, and all these factors are important for this business. 4e) how do they affect the businesses now? The factors for Abbey grorcies are Customer, Cost of the premises and Suppliers.

The way these factors are affecting the business is that customers are important for the business and if there is no customer there will be no profit coming into the business, cost of premises I do not think that this is affecting the business in any way. The suppliers the way they are affecting the business in good way because they supply the product always in time that is why the business is still running properly. The factors for Tesco are Customer, Competitors, Cost of Premises, Suppliers and raw materials, Transportations, People and Skills, Government and other incentives.

The way these factors affects this business now is that all these factors are important for this business with out these factors business cannot achieve all their main aim and objectives. The customers interest and expectation has changed in the last ten years so therefore tesco is responding to their changes i. e. tesco has a customers service department were the customers can complain about certain problems, tesco is responding to it now by allowing the customers refund unwanted goods.

The employees interest and expectation ha changed because if he employees are not satisfied with the working condition they can report to their line manager and supervisors, if the line manager don not resolve the issues the staff, the staff has he right to carry up the case further to employees tribunal that will settle the employees problems so tesco is responding to this by allowing them work in a safe working environment, allowing them to sign up contract of employment which will make them know their rights at tesco.

The government interest and expectation has changed because the government don’t expect tesco to sell alcohol to under 18’s, so therefore tesco responds to this by training their staff and informing the not to sell alcohol t people under 18 and also by asking them for ID’s to proof their ages. The supplier’s interest and expectation as changed because the suppliers expect tesco to pay promptly and order more products so therefore tesco is responding to this by paying them promptly and ordering more products. Tesco is also responding to the suppliers by paying frequently and given them more orders.

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