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The clubhouse will need refurbishing so that they can hold events such as quiz nights, dinner and dance etc. Firstly a plan will have to be made to see how much it will cost to redevelop the club house. Expenses will include new tables and chairs, decoration, wages for decorators. The planning needs to be clear and precise so that the refurbishments can be made in quick time and in the cheapest way. The club however could ask its members to see if they have expertise in decorating and they could give a quote as to how much it will cost. If not, they can start to look at local companies, which will lead to sponsorship and grants through the National governing body like Sport England. Croygas can set up fund raising events such as quiz nights, raffles, club days in order to raise money for the refurbishment.

Chairman, President and Club Captain will further these ideas. 2 Years November 06′ Relay the pitches Currently the club only has one decent pitch that the players enjoy playing on. The other two pitches are far too small and it is more like a mud bath because all the turf has been worn away over the years. Also the lines on the pitch need to be made clearer because they are starting to fade. I also think that we should include new goal posts and nets with the pitches, because the current goal posts are starting to rust away and they don’t look very safe as they are tilting slightly due to the strong winds. Again ways to raise money would be to organise fund raising event, use sponsorship money that the club has received, grants from the government and player/parent donations.

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Club Captain, Players, Grounds man New season November 06′ Gain Sponsorship The board need to organise a sponsorship group where members of the board and even players can volunteer to organise sponsorship for the club. One person from the group will be elected, and their job will be to maximise their sponsorship deals and chances of getting sponsorship. When this has been arranged, they can organise sponsorship packages e.g.

Class A- The sponsorship company can donate �5000+ to clubs, and in return the clubs will use the sponsorship logos on their kit, training wear, include banners and boards around the pitches, they will be mentioned in the newsletter, the club will generally promote this sponsorship company. In return the club will benefit greatly from this because they will benefit massively from these extra funds. Included are Class B and C packages.

Class B- The sponsorship companies will give clubs �3000 if clubs can guarantee promotion of their company, including banners and boards around the pitches, being mentioned in the newsletter and leaflets, also their logo on the team shirts and training wear. Class C- Very basic however very beneficial to both club and company. The sponsorship companies will give club 1000 if they can have boards around the pitches. Sponsorship groups, member of the board.

All year round D3- Critically evaluate the constitution, methods of finance, structure, procedures and systems for a selected voluntary sector sports club, drawing valid conclusions. Croygas is funded in many ways including lottery funding, national grants, sponsorship, membership fees, match fees, fund raising nights etc. We can see the effectiveness of the clubs finance just by taking a look at the club. Croygas is obviously financially successful because the club has recently refurbished the changing rooms and bar area. The club now looks smarter and cleaner it obviously a project like that would’ve cost the club quite a lot of money. The club relied on many resources of finances including money from donations given by parents which was �2000. This helped a lot and the donations were an effective way of making money, and it shows that the parents were willing to help out to improve their club for their child to use.

As well as the donations, the club set up fund raising events such as the quiz nights and fun days where the club managed to receive �300. The club charges �12 a ticket to the quiz event and about 150 people turned up to this dinner and dance quiz night. As well as the money from the tickets, the bar area would be able to raise at least �200 from the people wanting to buy drinks and snacks. Other events such as Saturday Night Dance Fever would raise money from people wanting to go to the event, there are BBQ days during the summer that appeal to many of the parents because they can chill out with all the other parents and enjoy themselves in the lovely weather.

The club would again raise about �300 through tickets being sold for parents etc. Another good fun raising event is the Fantasy Football League, where every summer there would be a 5-a-side tournament where teams can enter a team but they have to pay and entry fee to play. The competition and the chance of winning a prize appeals to many people and the club raises a lot of money through this aswell. When I was playing for Croyags, we had to pay a yearly membership fee that would enable each player to get registered and be allowed to play. We had to pay �120 each season and the club would therefore raise about �3000-�4000 because there are many different football teams at the club.

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