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Media has a very big effect on the popularity of sport and they way it is played. But it it’s not the only way sports are influenced and controlled. Sport reflects the society in which we live in. it is part of the social structure influenced by the economic system. It is part of the national curriculum in schools and the government imposes so much sport must be played each week. Sport is used socially to improve the state of the health of the nation. Which reduces the money needs to be spent on the NHS treatment.

The government sees sport as a way of showing how successful the country is. When England won the rugby world cup the government used it as a way to unite the country as if it was they who had done it. The government spends money on sport so it can be used politically. They bid to host events such as the Olympics or the world cups so that they can show the world how good the country is and show the organisation skill the government. Hosting bid events also brings increased investment and money to the country and the country will improve as a world power. This is why Tony Blair is trying so hard to get the Olympics to come to London. It will be a public relations success for him and he is using it to try and get re-elected.

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Drugs in sport. A drug is a substance that may affect a person’s emotional state, body function or behaviour. When taken the substance can artificially improve the athlete’s physical and mental condition, which would result in improved sporting performance. Using drugs in sports give the athlete an unfair advantage of the rest of the field. It may enable them to train harder and longer, not feel the pain of an injury, speed up reaction times, be stronger and faster and to relax. Other athletes who don’t use drugs have to deal with theses problems in other ways such as training harder, resting injuries and learning relaxation techniques. It takes allot of hard work and dedication to become a top level athlete and it is unfair for someone to use drugs and cheat there way to the top.

Drugs do not always have positive effects on athletes taking them. There are more often than not side effects from every drug. Some potentially fatal side effects. Sport is meant to be about enjoyment and a natural way to stay healthy. Polluting the body with drugs is not safe and far from the ideals most have for taking part in sport. This being said there are many different complicated reasons why an athlete may take drugs. A performer maybe depressed and fed up of coming second all the time and so take drugs as a boast to win. They may feel like they have reached their peak and are not improving in training or competition and so may turn to drugs.

Some of the drugs athletes take are not always directly performance enhancing. Recently Chelsea’s Adrian Mutu got caught taking a substance that is claimed to help him relax. It may not directly enhance his game but it would improve his performance as nerves and self-doubt would be less outside of the game so his confidence would grow. Some athletes take drugs unknowingly, or at least they claim too. This maybe through taking supplements without checking what’s in them or by their coach tricking them into it for personal gain. It may even be when taking prescribed medication from a doctor for an illness.

The Association of Tennis Professionals has decided to give all tennis players who want supplements a limited number of supplements produced in a highly controlled environment. This is due to the number of tennis players who failed drugs test for the banned substance Nandrolone. Greg Rusedski the British number 2 was one of eight players to test positive for Nandrolone while 55 other tests showed elevated levels of the drug. Rusedski escaped punishment by successfully arguing that contaminated earlier supplements supplied by the Association of Tennis Professionals were responsible for his failed test.

Stimulants=e.g., Amphetamine+caffeine, positive= raise heart rate and blood pressure, increases alertness, masks fatigue, negative= tissue damage, heart exhaustion, liver/brain damage, associated sports= cycling, running and contact sports Depressants/tranquilizers=e.g., Beta Blockers, Benzodiazephine, pos=reduces anxiety, reduces HR+BP, improves concentration+control, neg.= depression, addictive, lack of energy, sports= snooker, archery, shooting (steady hands), motor racing and skiing

Narcotic analgesics/Painkillers= e.g., Codeine, Morphine, Heroin, pos= deaden pain, relaxant, neg= addictive, injuries made worse by continuous use (cant feel pain), lower BP, sports= cycling and contact sports, boxing etc Anabolic Agents/Steroids= e.g., Anabolic Steroids, pos= increase strength, power and aggression, neg= heart problems, risk of cancer, infertility in males, male characteristics in females, sports= contact sports, weight lifting, boxing, athletics-sprinting/throwing

Diuretics=e.g. frumil and burinex, pos= gets rid of fluid from body therefore makes u lighter, increases flow of urine, masks presence of other drugs (flushed out of ur body), neg= muscle damage, heart damage, sports= horse racing (lighter=better), gymnastics (same again), motor racing (same again to get into certain weight categories) and boxing/wrestling/judo Blood doping=illegally increasing the amount of red blood cells by injection. Enhances performance as the body has greater capacity to carry oxygen, therefore reduces oxygen debt

Random testing=athletes can be pulled out of the competition b4 or after for a drugs test (during for decathlons etc) Alcohol=diuretic, could lead to dehydration, impair performance, damages liver positive=”Dutch courage” Drug abuse is considered to be the deliberate or inadvertent use by athletes of substances or methods that may enhance performance.

”Doping is cheating. Doping is parallel to death. Death physiologically, by profoundly altering, sometimes, irreversibly, normal processes through unjustified manipulations. Death physically, as certain tragic cases in recent years have shown. But also death spiritually and intellectually, by agreeing to cheat and conceal one’s capabilities, by recognising one’s incapacity or unwillingness to accept one, or to transcend one’s limits. And finally death morally, by excluding oneself effectively from the rules of conduct required by all human society”

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