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All members of staff need to be sure that they know what do in case of an emergency, therefore they need to be trained and made aware what the organisations policy’s are, so that they know what to do if anything occurs. At Bognor golf club all members of staff have access to risk assessments for almost all day to day jobs that they may be carried out and any other possible risk within the club and o the course, I will go into this more later in this assignment as risk assessments are also documentation.

Now I am going to look at the documentation that is used at the golf club to promote health, safety and also security. The club has many methods of documentation, some is kept on paper in files, some on computers and in the case of CCTV and security on video. One of the most important types of documentation are risk assessments as it is a way for risks to be recognised and a way to help staff to deal with the problems if they occur. As I previously said all members of staff at the club have access to risk assessments for almost all day to day jobs that they will carry out and any other possible risk within the club and the course. By having risk assessment files it ensures that all staff members know exactly what to do if an accident dose occur. The club keep the risk assessment files on both paper in files and on the computer so that they are accessible to anyone at any time.

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If an Accident dose occur then it is very important that it is reported to the highest member of staff on duty at that time so that they can either help deal with it or get help to the customer quickly, the accident must then be recorded, at Bognor golf club this is done in an accident report book. Within the club there are three separate accident books one for accidents that occur in the kitchen and restaurant areas, one for the green keepers and accidents that occur on the course and another for general accidents around the club. At the end of each month all accidents will be written up and printed, this is so that a record can be kept safe in a file in the office if it is needed for any reason such as people suing the club. This is very possible within a sporting club as many accidents do occur, therefore it is very important for the club that they have a record of it as people my have injuries and blame them on the club to gain compensation when the club had nothing to do with it.

It is important that any organisation is able to monitor how their customers and members are feeling and what their thoughts are. At Bognor golf club they do this via a satisfaction book which is kept in the lobby where members can leave feedback on whatever they feel is necessary. By doing this the club is able to evaluate its performance therefore allowing them to improve on it and make it satisfying for its members an improve the environment of the club. The club will also have general reports where the management of each section of the club will come together to discuss the health, safety and security this will happen once a month with a more in depth report taking place and the end of each year. By having these meeting they are able to adjust and improve what is needed to improve the health, safety and the security thereby improving the satisfaction of the members, staff and the general environment of the club.

A very import type of documentation for any organisation and the customers is safety signs, without them customers and members of a club may be unaware of any hazard or risk, and if an accident dose occur the customer has every right to sue an organisation for not having any signs or warnings. Therefore it is very beneficial for the organisation to have safety signs to ensure that this doesn’t happed. Around Bognor golf club you will find many safety signs and warnings, you will find fire exit signs on every door within the club house and the pro shop. There are also many safety signs outside of the club house on the course especially around the green keepers sheds as many chemicals and dangerous machines and tractors will be around the area and the course. To keep a golf course looking and playing its best the green keepers need to use many different chemicals on the grass, some which may be irritants or even slightly harmful to humans, therefore they must ensure that golfers and other staff know that they have used them on the course.

At Bognor before golfers go on the course there is a sign that is put up warning that chemicals have been used, you will also find signs when out on the course around the greens and on the tees saying what has been used to ensure that the members are aware and safe whilst on the course. Many heavy and dangerous machines are also used on the course, such as strimmers, tractors, diggers, and mowers therefore it is important that nobody goes near them unless told to and are fully trained to do so, so the club provides safety signs to warn people to stay away and not touch them so that nobody gets hurt or has an accident.

Security is a big part of any organisation, as it is important that the facilities are safe at all times during the working day and over night, it is especially important that their customers and members feel that that are in a safe place and also that their belongings are safe within the facilities. On every external door that leads into the club house need codes to enter, you will also find coded doors on all the entrances to both changing rooms male and female this make the building very safe but they could make the trolley she where many members leave their clubs. At the moment every member that uses the shed is given a key to keep but this is very safe as they could lose it and anyone could get in, therefore they could add a coded door to ensure that people cant get in and then have looks like padlocks for people to attach their bags to, this would make them even safer.

By having coded doors throughout the club it ensures that nobody enters the building that aren’t members or authorised to so therefore making the facilities safe for everyone staff, visitors or members. At the golf club all members are offered a locker within the changing rooms to lock away their belongs safely, this allows member to leave their shoes, hand bags any valuables and knowing that they are safe. The club also have CCTV cameras around the building this is great as it allows them to see what is going on at all time. The club have a type of ID in the form of a membership card which every member is authorised with when they join, this card enables them to enter the club as they open the doors. This is a very good idea but it dose have its fault as people may lose their cads and this immediately leaves the club unsafe as anyone could enter and break in at any time.

I am now going to look at my second organisation which is a health spar and is in the public sector as it is open for the general public. The organisation is located in Chichester’s town centre in a very busy area so that they can attract the public to use their facilities. Champneys spar is a very new spar and only opened late 2006, it is one of five spars located in the UK and is the first to open in a town centre as simply a spar and not a full resort. The facility has 6 fully fitted treatment rooms, one open treatment room, staff room and office, in an organisation like a spa it is essential that all the appropriate health and safety guidelines are followed as there are many chemicals, electrical equipment etc that are being used very day to perform treatment on customers.

As before it is very important that the organisation makes sure that they look at and put into place all procedure and rules so that health, safety and security is ensured for the staff, members and the organisation. I will start as before by looking at the management of the spar and the jobs that they do to ensure that health, safety and security is taken into account. The manager of a spar has many responsibilities that they must carry out during the working day and over a period of time, they will have normal operating procedures that they will do during the day or shift, emergency action plans, emergency operating procedures and accident procedures they must do, know and follow if necessary, it is also important that they have equipment and any products tested before use on clients so they are safe whist in the facilities. At the spar all the equipment is professional checked once a year by an electrician who will check every thing that used electric even if it isn’t used by or on the customers. Once the equipment has been checked they will have a sticker placed on them stating that they have been approved as well as the manger being supplied with a sheet will equipment information. By having these checks once a year it ensures the safety of everyone who uses any treatment equipment or general electrical appliances within the facilities therefore making the clients feel safe whilst having treatments allowing them to feel relaxed as they should do in a spar.

At the spar thee fire procedure is to evacuate the building via the 3 fire exits and meet at an assembly point 100yards from the building this is to make sure that everyone is safe and far enough away from the building so that they aren’t in any danger. There are alarm points in every room which are linked to the fire and police service as well as smoke alarms and water sprinklers in every room, there are also 2 fire extinguishers on every floor. By having alarms in every room it enables anyone staff and customer to break the glass to ring for assistance if it’s needed and by having them linked directly to the fire station and the police station they can get help quickly.

Encase of a fatality or medical emergency the procedure that the staff must follow is to evacuate the facilities and call an ambulance immediately or assistance immediately, this is so that other customers aren’t upset or unsettled by what has happened or happening in the facilities. In a minor injury and it is felt that the a member of staff can deal with the accident then they have to clear the area or move the client to an area where they are comfortable, safe and out of the away of other clients and treat the client themselves.

A spar manager has many daily procedures that they have to do day to day to ensure that the building, the staff and the clients are all safe whilst they are in the facilities. The spar manager at champneys has many of the same duties as a golf club secretary, she checks the entire facilities to ensure that it is all safe and ready for opening and once again the manager at the spar isn’t the first staff member on the premises therefore it isn’t there job to turn off the alarms. But it is the job of the cleaner who arrives an hour before the manager. All the alarms are both set and turned off by a key, and this key is issued to the manager, assistant manager senior members of staff, and the cleaner and the alarms will be set at the end of the day by whoever is the last to leave that day.

This doesn’t seem very secure at all as by giving out this many keys lots of people have access to the facilities at any time and there are also more keys that can be stolen or lost leaving the spar being not safe. I think that I would be much safe if only the manager and the assistant manager had keys at one or the other is always working, by doing this they are limiting the chance of a break-in and securing the facilities.

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