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In my essay I will write about local and national provision and I will explain how and where people can practise dance from young children to mature people. Everybody can be a professional dancer but it is so difficult. The best time for start learning is when we are a children. I think that big role makes the talent but I have no doubt that talent is not all. However in my opinion people who have the talent they have chance to be a very good professional dancer. But everybody (people with talent or without it) must have a lot of strength to work and strong will.

Modern dance is a dance form developed in the early 20th century. Although the term Modern dance has also been applied to a category of 20th Century ballroom dances. In the early 1900s a few dancers in Europe started to rebel against the rigid constraints of Classical Ballet. As the field of Modern Dance has developed and other dance genres have become more defined, the term Modern Dance has become almost obsolete. The term Modern Dance today, is typified as being the style of theatrical dance seen in the period between the 1970s and 1980s. With a strong classical ballet influence, in its purest technical sense, the movement is generally very fluid and ballet, although it does include the dynamic highlights and tricks of jazz dance, with isolations, kicks and leaps.

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Now, most styles once seen as Modern Dance are normally classified as being Contemporary Dance, Jazz Dance or sometimes, Classical Jazz or Modern Jazz (notebook. About school) In London when 4 years children go to primary school they can start practice dance. Haslemere Primary School in London has got dance lesson in evening. On Tuesday for years 3-6 and on Wednesday foe years 5-6.

Wix Primary School on 11 Wix’s Lane, in Wandsworth, SW4 0AJ, London also has got dance clubs in evening. In Wix Primary School children can learn and practise dance. As part of sport this school encourages the children to understand the need for health and fitness and how they can achieve this through exercise and diet. There is also an opportunity to partake in after school sports clubs. Penwortham Primary School where Mrs Timms keeps the juniors fit and motivated in her Keep Fit sessions after school on Thursdays during the Autumn Term. Dance Club takes over from Keep Fit in the Spring and Summer terms in preparation for the Preston Schools Music Festival.

Other two school in Wandsworth where young children can learn dance are Chesterton Primary School and Belleville Primary School. When young children want achieve big result in dance. In the next stage in a dance career when children carry on to learning dance in secondary school. In the Chestnut Grove School in Wandsworth students KS4 have a dance lesson in afternoon. Putney High School also offer us dance lesson. But I think that in secondary ,primary and Six Form school usually dance for pupils is for fun. Therefore we can find many clubs which offer dance lesson with professional teachers.

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