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Our house would rather be arty than hearty. The terminology offers quite a broad range of ideas and in order to be able to debate, we shall fist of all define the motion. By consulting several dictionaries, we came up with a summary of those artistic activities and what they have in common. Art, literature, Music and Drama are the main subfields of arts as they all contain the idea of creativity. Hearty however is a highly complex definition and as by definition of the motion, hearty cannot be anything relating significant creativity but still needs to be an activity, as we need to be passionate about it, we shall conclude that the main part of hearty activities is sport as many of us would agree that our chief areas of constructive activities are arts and sport where as fun things such as going to the sixth form bar and get totally drunk. Hence our house would, if it had a certain time period to be spent on these two alternatives, choose to do as much Art, literature, Drama, Music as possible and less though not none of the time on sports which represents hearty activities. This has several reasons which I am going try to clarify throughout my speech.

Let us begin with the most obvious argument: The incredible amount of Music, dramatic pieces, poems, books and of course objects created by Art itself would not be available to us if certain people in the past had not chosen to rather spend time on creativity than on short term enjoyment. But don’t get me wrong. Sport has become an important aspect of our life and our society. This is not at all ignored by our house and against a possible counter argument: We do not at all say that sports should be abandoned altogether. However it is rather clear, that sport does not leave a great heritage such as Arts do: Philosophical books widen our perception of the world for thousand’s of years such as Plato’s “The Republic”, whereas sport matches are a rather impermanent thing. To break it down to simple terms, sport is a short term activity, which undoubtedly encourages team work, commitment plus giving satisfaction for the audience but and I cannot stress this enough, its long term contributions cannot at all be compared with the ones of artistic activities.

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One of the greatest long term achievements of arts is surely the creation of literature. It combines everything, many of us derive pleasure from reading books, we learn from it and may develop critical thinking. Great pieces of literature last forever: I don’t think there are many people out there who don’t know Shakespeare. But I think there are many (including the members of Monty) who do not know any great sportsmen borne before the nineteenth century. However, you will be given a more comparison of literature and sport by my colleague.

Now it can be argued that sport has developed just recently and that there are many famous sportsmen in the twentieth century such as Muhammed Ali and Henry Olonga who definitely did something against discrimination or Dictatorship.. However, the people themselves contributed something and sport was rather a way of getting fame and hence people’s attention, whereas Music for example distinguishes itself from sport through its essence which has to be combined with individual creators. So clearly, by chasing a ball for ninety minutes as it is being done in a football game, we do practically nothing for the future whereas if we write music, we do.

Hence we can say that, yes, there were great, unbelievably self-confident and courageous sports men, but sport itself did not contribute to their achievements, the only thing is hast done is increased one’s individual pride through competition, which of course can also be accomplished by other measures. Furthermore, this pride can be excessive in the way that hooligans try to compensate the defeats of their team with violence and hence victory over the other team’s fans. The whole point leads us to Behaviour and to what extent artistic people tend to be more sophisticated and generally show a better social behaviour and transmit this to the people surrounding them. This however, is going to be examined and expanded by my colleague Mr. Best, later on.

The applications of artistic fields have to be considered as well. Architecture, design and philosophical arguments which led to different approaches in politics, those things could hardly exist without creative, artistic people. These fields are without doubt essential to society and mankind. However I cannot think of any applications or further developed theories or achievements accomplished by sport. Can you?

This leads us to the enhancement of human thinking by artistic measures. Drama for example shows us how our real life is and how it can be modelled by ridicule or sadness, and additionally often gives us a moral at the end to think about. Yes, it can be argued that sport also shows us the contrast of victory and defeat and how to deal with the latter situation, but this is very limited to the participants and also of rather short duration.

Whilst talking about time and the contrast of long-term and short-term contributions, there is another point to be illustrated. Sport is a certain activity mainly available to people from childhood to middle age, whereas art knows no time, a genius writes Music when he is 8 such as Mozart or paints when he is over 60 such as Da Vinci or writes Nobel-price quality novels such as Mann. Not only creation itself, but also passive appreciation of arts such as listening to music, watching films or dramatic pieces develop our mind further and does show us what life is about and also does hardly diminish with time passing by.

So what have we learned, what can we say? Well, which is more important to you, to us or to all of mankind? Poems, Drama, Music, Books and Art or sports? What would you choose? All of us concentrating on sport and less on learning an instrument or how do produce a film, for example? Or rather first of all create something that lasts and play cricket afterwards? What would you say, what day is it? A day when all of us think of only today and little of tomorrow? A day we don’t see paintings and songs of the past but play football in order to have fun just today? A day when you do not watch any entertaining films or listen to music but instead of learning and enjoying just play tennis and only enjoy? Tell me what day it is and vote for what you think is the more important aspect of life!

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