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Alton Towers, Legoland Windsor, Chessington world of adventures, Thorpe Park Libraries Mainly Public Local Authorities, County council, Bracknell Forest Library and Info service, Birmingham Libraries Cinema Cinemas are all owned privately as they aim to make a profit eg the showcase cinema in Wokingham. They are a popular recreational activity for all ages. Their success depends on the current films that are being shown at the cinema. Some films make more money and are more popular than others.

They offer a range of services and products from drinks and confectionery shops, tickets (ticket office) etc. Concert Halls and Theatres Usually privately owned, there is a range of theatres, smaller ones that put on non-professional productions such as the Wilde theatre, in South hill Park, Bracknell to The London Palladium who puts on professional performances and sometimes stars celebrities. Concert halls are usually venues for pop bands concerts and offer merchandise of current concerts and also snacks and drinks.

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The larger concert halls and theatres are more financially successful and popular than the smaller non-professional ones. Pubs and clubs Usually privately owned but can also be public and voluntary. Clubs are more likely to be voluntary as they are usually started by a fanatic of a certain topic. Other larger clubs such as bingo halls are likely to be public. Bars and pubs will be private. Pubs and bars are more popular and successful that clubs. They are a great social benefit to the community and sometimes offer entertainment such as live bands, kareoke or quiz-nights.

Theme Parks

These are privately owned for example Alton towers in Staffordshire. They are extremely popular as they offer thrill rides and experience rides and often compete with one another. They run in season, they open from spring through summer to autumn time then close for the winter period. During their peak seasons in summer they are financially very successful. They also have arcades and restaurants to earn extra money. Libraries These are usually of the public sector for example the Bracknell forest library which offers Internet access, photocopying, seating /quiet areas, CD/video rentals, small stationary buys and obviously a wide range of books for rental. Libraries are funded by the government so their financial success is limited nor are they as poular.
Models, information, nature, human biology, history of evolution, dinosaurs.

Sports and Physical Recreation Since 1980 Sports participation has increased. This may be for a number of reasons; there are more opportunities to/ take past in sport, more sports centres and clubs, there is also more inspiration to do or compete in sports from the glorification of sports Celebs on television. People also have more free time and more disposable income to spend on it. The most popular sport overall is walking. The range of indoor, outdoor and natural facilities used for sport are pools, fields, lakes, sports halls, courts.

Swimming Pools Dominated by the public sector, in 1998 it was estimated that there were about 1,400 public indoor swimming pools in the UK and a further 3,500 pools in schools. There are also a growing number of theme pools with water rides. Swimming pools provided as a facility in places such as hotels, gyms and spots clubs. Local Sports Clubs. 150,000 local sports cubs are estimated to be voluntary. Many sports to choose from, for example, football, rugby, cricket, hockey etc. Most operate on a non-profit basis so they are classified as voluntary. Bracknell town football team is an example of a local voluntary sports club.

Sports centres There are over 2,500 purpose built public sports facility centres. Dominated by the public sector including local authorities and schools. They vary in size and in the facilities they offer. ‘Bracknell sports and leisure centre’ which offers a broad range if facilities, activities and classes for all ages and abilities. Health and Fitness Centre Due to people becoming more health conscious, it has created a demand for health and fitness centres, products and services. Some also provide saunas, Jacuzzis, steam rooms, massages, aromatherapy and beauty therapy.

Some Hotels such as ‘Forte’ branch, have started providing health and fitness centres as part of their service to their guests. Membership revenue, whether monthly, annual, or joining fees, shows the vast majority of the turnover of the average health and fitness centre.

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