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This business card takes half the size of my hand, which tells the customers about the company. It tells the customers the company name, fax number, telephone number, address, e-mail address and mobile number. It shows the customers two logos. The first logo is on the top left hand corner. The logo is coloured in the colour orange. The writing is in capital letters. It is coloured in the colour black. The writing says, “HEATING.” The second logo is on the top right hand corner of the card. The logo has got a flower in the middle and the background colour of the logo is orange. It is surrounded around with a colour white. It says, inside the surrounded area “GAS INSTALLER REGISTERED.” These words are in capital letters. It is coloured in the colour black. Underneath this logo it has written a number that says, “187421.” The background has got a logo that is on the top left hand corner of the business card.

Good Points: The good points about this document is that it has got the company’s name, telephone number, fax number and the e-mail address are on the business card. If they didn’t have these then the business card wouldn’t have ran without the information on the business cards. It also has got some colour on it so it can stand out more and people will remember the company or the company product more easily. Therefore they are likely to use the company.

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Bad Points: The bad points are that it has got two logos on it. It does not tell the customers which logo is for which company. The address on the business card is not set out in a professional way. It just gives the address in straight lines. If a customer wishes to write a letter to the company the customer will write the address in the same way as shown on the business card. Recommendations for future: Recommendations for future would include choosing one logo and put that logo on the business card and get rid off the other logo. It would be better to make sure that the address on the business card is laid out in a professional way so that customers will know straight away that the address is correct.

Herbal King: This business cards length is 9mm and its height is 5mm. This business card tells the customers what goods they are selling. This is shown on the right hand side of the business card. This information is written inside a cloud. Inside the cloud it tells the customers what goods they are selling. The company name is in capital letters. The company have coloured the title in the colour green. The company title is coloured in this colour because the business wants to earn more money to make their business run faster. Then they won’t lose out with other companies. They then will be levelled with them.

On the business card it tells the customers the company name, address, telephone/fax number, website address and the e-mail address. This information is colour in the font colour blue. It shows the customers their surname. Then they will be able to come to the company and buy the goods from them. Underneath this there is a picture of some water in it there is some flowers. This picture is coloured in the colour green. This business card has got a logo on it. The logo is coloured in the colour green and white. It has got side-by-side two leafs. Inside that there is like a pipe thing. On top of that it has got a hat. That is coloured in the colour white. The background is coloured in the colour white.

Good Points: The good point’s about this business card is that it has got a logo of the company so people know what it is representing when they see it. The title on this business card makes it eye catching to me. So when other people see this it might interest them and they then can tell other people. It has got a address on it if it didn’t have a address on it then people won’t know were to go when they see this company’s information, if they are interested. It has a telephone number and e-mail address on it. It makes people know what is going on in their business. They can phone or e-mail the things they are interested and the operator or the person in charge will get back to them on their telephone number or their e-mail address depending on which one they used.

Bad Points: The bad points on this business card are that the address is not laid out properly. It is set out in the left hand side. The company’s card is also not laminated. People can rip it up easily and chuck it on the floor and not be interested in it. They should have laminated it in the first place to make people be interested. The font of the typing is too small. It makes people come closer to it and see it.

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