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Research a public limited company, using a range of sources (newspapers, websites, the company’s annual report and accounts). Present your information in report format (list the sources that you have used at the end of your report). In order to complete a report on Tesco I will need to describe how the company was formed, the history of the company, and share prices of the company over the last three years and major events that have made the news and have affected the share price of Tesco. Tesco is a leading food retailer store in the whole UK.

They have about 592 stores in the UK and about 80 stores out of UK; in other countries, such as France, etc. The employment rate at Tesco is enormous with about 400,000 people employed every year. Tesco is successful because they are providing customers with good quality products which are with reasonable prices. They also have a good relationship with their staff and their customers because they deal direct with them. Tesco is in the private sector, belonging to the tertiary sector. This is because it provides a service by selling products to customer.

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Tesco is a public limited company which means that people can buy shares from the company. Tesco was founded by Jack Cohen. He was a worker at the Royal Air Force during the First World War. At the age of 21, in 1919, Jack invested 30 pounds that he has got as an achievement for helping people during the war. With this he bought vegetables and on the same day he made a profit of i?? 4. 00. He then decided to carry on with the business and then he opened a stall, after a few months he had already opened stalls in other markets.

The name Tesco contains the initials of the owner, Mr. T. E. Stockwell, who supplied the firm with tea and of the initials of Jack’s surnaIn the beginning of 2004 the share prices were positive because many people were buying share from the Tesco then at the end of 2005 the Share price dropped because many events took place during the 2005 like people could not travel any where because they were afraid of the terrorist attacks and the air high hackers which meant that no one bought travel insurance from Tesco which meant that sales were affected making the share prices go down.

In 2006 the share prices started to increase once again because now people had start traveling again. Also Tesco had opened many other departments within the store like they have opened a healthy eating department were they sell health nutrition food. This increased sales which mean that it had increased the share prices. me Cohen. In 1929, the name Tesco first appeared above a shop in North London. This business slowly expanded and within a few years many other stores where developed with excellent facilities and products.

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