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The third department is the purchasing, warehousing and distribution, they are responsible for buying new stock for the business. Their responsibilities are to maintain good relations with all suppliers so that they don’t end up losing any of them, check delivery booking forms in case of a late delivery it’s their job to trace up and see what went wrong and the cause of the late delivery. Decide cost of selling goods, after checking competitor prices and to monitor stock levels, to adjust prices if not enough goods are being sold. The warehousing and distribution is where goods are stored and delivered from.

Goods are stored on fast moving lines in front of the warehouse, this will reduce time for the warehouse colleagues. Goods are then delivered by two way drivers, who will deliver between the days of Tuesday and Friday, each of the stores has its own specific time and day for deliveries. The forth department is the Marketing department, this is where marketing activities, designs and point of sale take place in. Their main activities are; Marketing is where they analyse feed back from customers and information about their competitors. This helps them to decide how and what to advertise.

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Design is another one of their activities, this is where advertisements, catalogues and sale materials are produced such as signs and leaflets. Point of sale (POS) is another activity, people working here are responsible for the way the store looks, it is their job to put in fittings, flooring and fixtures etc. The POS has to make sure that advertisements from the design are shown in all their stores. The Firth department is administration and IT support. This department’s tasks are to file documents make sure that correct files are in their correct places, photocopy and document production.

The IT supports main responsibilities are to make sure that the current systems are up to date and are working properly and to make sure that users know how to use it. Their other responsibility is to plan for future developments, keep in track of how the systems are changing, so that the company doesn’t end up with an out of date system. The sixth department is the Customer Service department. They are responsible for queries and repairs that customers might have. Richer Sounds customer service has many features such as smart and friendly staff that are trained to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

They have a national call centre where they deal with technical problems and general queries over the phone with customers. They have a repairs section for faulty goods, where a trained engineer carries out a repair for goods that aren’t working properly. Richer Sounds has different schemes such as a part exchange, where a person can come in and exchange one of their old goods for cash or another good and there is a free delivery scheme for disabled people, where the delivery is done free of charge by the store. The Seventh Department is the store operations.

They are responsible for setting budgets for each of the stores, they organise store visits, so that they can check on the stores to see how well they are doing, Decide how many people should be employed at each store and to check that all the stores meet their aims. All the stores have sales target. In each store, the managers must ensure that the cost of running that store is not too much. The running costs of each store are its overheads. Overheads include everything from the phone bills to the salaries to the cost of stationary.

Each store is then ranked on how well it mages the business and how it contributes to the company. The use of IT in this department is that all their stores have the EPOS systems on the tills, which records all the items that are sold into the main computer. The system also allows them to maintain a customer database, so when a customer shops twice at the store they will know who they are and how to deal with them. The store operations team use email to contact colleagues in other departments of the company.

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