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Using Microsoft Excel as the system for the Company would be very efficient for the Company the users of the system have the most knowledge of Microsoft Excel and they also have good knowledge of Office 2000. Excel can meet all of the needs of the Company and would be a very easy and efficient operating system. If they did have any problems in operating the system then Microsoft Excel is very well known and used world wide, so it would be easy to get the problem sorted. Excel is the most used Package around the world.

Using Lotus spreadsheets as a system for the Company would also be very efficient. This software package can also carry out all the functions that the Company needs. The problems with Lotus spreadsheets are that the assistant has absolutely no knowledge of Lotus although the owner does know a few things about Lotus; he is not going to be the one that will be using it. So in order for this system to work efficiently the assistant would need to be trained or the Company would have to recruit a new member.

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Another possible solution is to hire a part-time accountant. He/she would organise everything in files and keep a track of record of customers’ payments and workout which is the best price to charge for repairs and to organise all the incomes and expenditure. This can result in huge problems for the Company. They would have higher costs if they recruited a new accountant. They would have to build a new room or office for the accountant. All these solutions are reasonable but the best solution for the system would be to use the Microsoft Excel software package.

Justification of the chosen solution: After discussion with the assistant of the Company, it has been decided that the best solution for the Company to take is by using the Microsoft Excel software package. The assistant felt that Excel would be most suitable because he knows it quite well; he knows that the features on it are very good. The features that he thinks that Excel has which will be very helpful to the day-to-day running of the Company are:

Although some of the other packages also have these functions the assistant feels most comfortable with the Excel software, mainly because he has had many lessons on Excel and because he does not know how the other systems work. He thinks that it would be a waste of time learning a different software package when the Company already has Excel installed and because many people know about Excel. The assistant said that it isn’t a wise idea to recruit a new member of staff because it could become quite costly and inefficient and the Company would not be able to afford it. There will be two users of this system. They are the owner, Chagan Vadgama and the assistant, Tej Vadgama. The owner of the Company is computer-literate and he has good basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel. The day-to-day running will be organised by the assistant and he has good skills. He isn’t perfectly sure on the advanced features of Excel but he knows how to create formulas.

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