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Mcs aren’t a large business but customers still expect the products to be reasonable. The customers would like the products they sell are at a reasonable price and they are also good quality. Customers also expect the business to be trustworthy for instance if Mcs advertised a offer in the shop which said was but one get one free customers would expect this to be true. The customers would also expect the business to provide good service and if a customer would need any help an employee would help them also the customers would expect money back with items that are in the conditions they got if it wasn’t what they intended

Mcs doesn’t have many employees, (they have three) because it is a family business still the employees still expect things from it. They would expect to work reasonable hours with descent pay. Unlike Asda, Mcs haven’t got any opportunities for promotions so employees can’t expect to have better pay e.g. promoted from assistant manger to manager. Mcs have many competitors located near it. Competitors expect Mcs to have competitive prices they would expect them to have a good variety of products at a reasonable price and staff are friendly and helpful.

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Unlike Asda the government wouldn’t expect as high standards but it would still expect them to do what is expected. They would expect them to follow the laws the sales of goods act the trade descriptions act etc. the sex discriminations act and the race relations act. The owners of Mcs affects them in many different ways such as He makes important decisions; these can be various things from selling new products to even lowering prices. If the owner comes up with a good idea he might put money into the business to try it out and to see if it will work or bring more profit. The owner also pays for all the bills, if he never the business wouldn’t be bankrupt. He also keeps all of the money that is made and shares it with his family as they run a family business.

Customers have a huge affect on the business. The customers are the people who bring in money without them the business wouldn’t be able to survive and would be bankrupt. Unlike Asda if Mcs were to lose a few customers they would lose a lot of money and they would make less profit but if Asda lost a few customers it wouldn’t much of an effect on them. Employees affect the business in different ways. The more employees Mcs less profit they will make because Mcs will have to pay each of their employees. The advantage of having more employees is more work will get done. If Mcs don’t sell enough products they will lose money this might mean they can’t afford to pay for employees wages which may lead to the employees leaving and also not being able to pay bills.

Competitors seriously affect Mcs. For Mcs to be able to compete with their rivals and attract customers they have to reduce their prices this will lead them to make less profit. If Mcs’s prices aren’t meeting customer’s expectations they would shop at their competitors businesses. Competitors may sell better quality products at a cheaper price which will attract customers to shop their, this will also lead to Mcs making less profit.

The owner of Mcs has changed his expectations in the last decade. The owner now wants to sell a wider range of products so more profit can be made. Mcs have responded to this by now selling a new range of products such as some convenience foods such as frozen pizzas and chips. Also the owner expects to reduce prices to compete with competitors, Mcs have reacted to this by lowering their prices by as much as they can but they can’t lower prices like Asda because they can’t afford it whereas Asda can. Also customers now want to buy quality products at cheaper prices, Mcs have responded to these changes by buying their products from a well known wholesaler which they know is going to be reliable. Customers also want Mcs to stock a few healthier products Mcs has responded to this by now stocking some fruit and vegetables also some organic fruit.

Employee’s expectations have changed very much during the last decade. Mcs’s employees expect to be treated fairly and not be discriminated against and also when applying for their job being told they can’t have it because of their sex but Mcs are a family business so people don’t usually treat family unfairly and wouldn’t discriminate each other. Mcs have reacted to this by respecting them for who they are and not judging them on how they look (prejudice) Customers also expect to receive wages on time (the paper boy). Mcs have responded to these changes by making sure employees get their wages on time and if Mcs can afford it they will give bonuses once in a while.

Over the last decade competitors expectations have changed. Mcs’s competitors expect prices to be low so customers will shop at the lowest priced business Mcs have reacted to this by trying to beat or match their competitors prices. The government expectations have changed over the last decade. The government would expect the business to follow all the laws seriously so Mcs make sure everyone involved in the business know these rules and abides by them.

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