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There are no charts, or graphs to this web page. I thought that DVLA might have shown a graph or charts to support a certain point but according to this form, their isn’t anything like that. As mentioned earlier, there are no pictures but the car in the right hand corner. As this is related to the car world, I thought that they might have shown some vehicles but I was wrong. Standard way of Working According to the data protection agency 1998, the information gathered from the public is under the guard of the agency, from looking at the web page, it doesn’t say that this information will be kept safe or not. What this means is that this information could be accessed by anyone and no one would know.

According to the protection act, this information should be kept safe and no one should be access this without the person knowing. Strangers could access this information and use it in a negative way, which might have disastrous consequences to everyone. This is very dangerous because this would mean that private information will be processed by strangers and used anyway even in criminal offences without the public knowing and which will lead to dangerous consequences upon that users name. The improvements, which I believe should be applied, are that this information should be kept private and I think that a law should be applied for those who access this information without permission. I believe this information should be kept safe so that no one could access this and the law should be applied so that no one would attempt to access this.

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Evaluating chosen application form. The language used in this form is very easy to understand because it asks for certain things, which are found in normal application form expect for the essential information which asks for certain objects which have been received about card number etc. This information also contains information on the person’s bank accounts. This information is private and should be carried with care or it might affect that person for years.

The language is easy to understand, what I mean is that this information given is understandable which will have no affects on the person who is filling in. this also enables the person to understand and fill it in with his own pace and time without anyone disturbing him. It also gives the person to fill in the form with his own arcade and without any one disturbing him. The language used is very unique because the writing is very basic to understand and with no problems filling it in.

The style in which it has been written is very unique because it is very straightforward and easy to fill and understand. There is not much of a style because the writing is straightforward and the only noticeable factor is that the writing is in bold and also the font size is not the factor but is extremely important because it has to be the correct size and length for the filler to fill it in without hesitation. The improvements, which I believe should be done, are that it should continue to present its information as it is and also importantly, it should keep this information safe because it contains bank details that are private and should be kept safe. I think that this web page is very good layout and also it is very well contracted and also l think it is very well presented and l think it could continue to do so.

Accuracy and Readability According to my sources, the language used has its correct accuracy of spelling. This is very important, they language has to be very important because if the words are mistakenly misspelled, the whole page is ruined. The spellings play an important factor in the whole page and section. The language and accuracy of the words are important to the form because if one word is misspelled, the whole sentence will be ruined because the one word builds the sentence to what it will end up. The accuracy of the letters after reading it a few times were presented well and l think that if they continue to present information the same way, then it would be that many people might turn to them for support.

The presentation of the ability of reading is also well presented. The question turns to the point immediately and asks for the revaluate information, which is needed. The accuracy of the reading is well presented because they point to the factor immediately. The improvements which l believe should be applied are that they should continue to present information in the same way so that they continue with the good job and continue to present information which is accurate and presentable. How Organisations gather and present information. I believe that the organisations gather and present information by researching and surveying. This is a good way because it can tell a business whether it is doing well or not. From this, they find out whether the millions of pounds, which has been invested in the organisation, are working or not.

This will also tell the business whether it needs improvements or not. This research or survey will also tell the organisation whether it needs to improve rapidly or not. From this, the organisation can either choose to close or show and come up with improvements very fast. This is a good way of finding out it will the organisation whether it is doing well or not. It will also tell the business whether it is better of than its competitors or below of its standard. It will also state whether the money, which is being interested in the organisation, is working or not. I believe that the information is gathered and presented to this board where they discuss it very carefully.

I think that from here is where they consider the options of either to continue to work or to show improvements on the organisation. I think that the organisation has to think hard about its firms and whether it needs improvements or should it continue with the work. I think the organisation will make improvements on either it needs improvements but will come up with solutions on how it should be done and if the business is doing well, what should they do to make it better than its competitors.

The improvements which l believe should be done are not much but I think that they should make the form more unique because so that everyone could understand it and fill without problems. Style of Presentation Essential Features There aren’t any graphic images and there shouldn’t be because this is a normal application form. I believe that people have the right to fill in this form in order to get this driving licence started. The layout of this page is normal to my estimation because it doesn’t seem different to me that this page is different in any way. I believe that the page should have been Properly layout because it doesn’t look good as it is presented. Their aren’t any special featured displayed on this web page.

Special Features There is use of border around this page. This page is displayed with a border, which stands out and looks good. There is the use of colour in the background. If there wasn’t any colour provided, then no one would I believe would have picked it, as it is applied with colour, the form stands out and is presented very nicely. As mentioned, there is no mention or inclusion of pictures or any other objects in this form. Special Features. There is the use of lines in this page. What l mean is that each section is split into sections so that the public has the opportunity of filling each section without problems. Again there is no mention of pictures or anything of its kind in this application form. Position of Important Items

After reading this form, and after looking at it very carefully, the only heading on it forms is of the application form as: ‘Application for a driving theory test ‘ applied on it. There are also titles throughout the page but the difference is that they are subtitles to each sections and nothing else. There is the mention of dates in which you can contact the operator when needed. I thought that there might be the mention of place addresses where people would come in person and talk about certain things of the forms but it is not the case. There is also the mention of dates and times in which you can contact the branch and the way ability and time. There is the mention of a logo in the top right corner stating DSA as its logo. It is not the logo, which you find because you intent to find logos in a more fashioned, more stylish way but in the case it is presented in a presentable way but not in the case of normal forms.

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