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When the new hip joints are re-ordered it arrives in sterilized vans. The stock is taken immediately to the stock room. The stock room is also sterilized. This rapid process insures the stock does not become infected with foreign objects. As the safety of the patient is important. From my research I can see that the main problems which are identified by staff are the amounts of waste, this shows that care and attention is taken when disposing of the hip joints takes place. So that each new hip joint being disposed of is being appreciated, that a large number of them means the quality will not be as good when handing them from A to B.

Sub System:

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The whole disposal is a small sub system itself, as the whole disposal of waste at Northwick Park is mainly the same process, and is done for many materials. A sub system which is an important part of the waste disposal is the re-ordering of the new hip joints. When the old stock has been taken away, a nurse arranges the new stock to be ordered, the payments for the new stock is sent to the Accounts department which records and accepts the purchase which lets the company deliver and re stock. From my research I can conclude that this process takes place, as proof of the hip joints are photographed and shown. Also from my research it shows that a large amount of waste is being disposed of every year, this means a large amount has been ordered, if it is not being used through the year. From my analysis and research I have proposed that the system is successfully operating every year. The process of arranging the disposal to re-ordering the stock runs almost smoothly. But a main problem has come up, that the deposal itself is a waste of time and money.

A solution to this problem is to re-use the hip joints elsewhere. This suggestion is a common idea among the staff and in my thought. 12/16 members of staff I gave the questionnaire to recommended the waste to be used elsewhere or recycled. Others recommended making the product packaging smaller or selling them in smaller packs, so there will be less to throw away each year. In my opinion using the hip joints elsewhere in the U.K or in other countries will be a better use of taxpayer’s money.

This idea of sending the waste to a third world county was inspired by the maintenance supervisor. When I interviewed him he had suggested it and said that the waste has no problems with it and sending it off would be more affective than throwing it away, to some landfill. If the hip joints were recycled or sent to another country it would cost a bit more, but it’s worth it. The costs which needs to be thought of is the shipping costs, melting down, re-forming and also packing is needed. The overall costs can be from �500 to �1000, depending on the amount of waste. The prices are high as the materials are expensive and quite heavy.

To send it off to be recycled or sent to another country would be done by a specialist. From a lot of research I can’t find much on the internet, but the maintenance department says “we have links to industrial companies and other hospitals abroad” The total recycling or sending off process will save money physically, in other words the money spent on the hip joints is still going to be used and not just thrown away. This means that there is less impact on the environment as there can be less waste in landfills, which take billions of years to decompose. Overall from my case study the system has been affective, that it successfully does its job by disposing of the waste. The system has a smooth process of throwing away the waste.

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