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Once a business has decided that a vacancy doe not exist it will start the job analysis. At this stage the rate of pay must be carefully matched to the pay other staff receive who are at the same or comparable work. The Equal opportunities Commission does offer help and advice to employers concerning all equal opportunities matters. They hope to avoid any breach of legislation. This act is as much for the employer as it is the employee. Trying to reduce the risk of any business having to pay out large sums on money Ethical Constraints Some businesses do not consider any complying with legislation a minimum requirement. They also set themselves ethical guidelines to ensure their employees remain happy and motivated within the workplace. These ethical guidelines apply to all parts of the business including the recruitment and selection process.

When setting up interviews one of the most important things is to ask questions everyone can answer and also making sure that they are not leading. All of the questions need to be demanding in order to discover if the candidates is “up to the job” but also non threatening. There re two types of questions that could be used- open or closed. An open question allows a candidate to give detailed answer, whereas a closed question only involves a yes or no answer. An experienced interviewer will be able to encourage and probe the most nervous of interviewees, helping to maximise their chance of acquiring the position.

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Unbiased interview questions It takes a lot of time and effort to write a full set of questions for an interview. You have to consider what information about the candidates is required. The next stage is to decide the best way to obtain all of the information through questioning. Biased is when you have an opinion that benefits or favours one group of people. If you were part of the interview team and particularly wanted a new employee to be young and female they may design questions which fit the criteria for this type of person; therefore making it vital that all questions asked in the interview are general and can be answered equally by everyone.

Interviews usually follow a theme. The candidate is settled into the interview with a generalised question about their journey or how they heard about the job to begin with. They would then be asked the questions that have been selected by the interview panel. Some questions may relate to previous job roles, experience and how they feel this would benefit them in their new position. The questions will also be linked to the skills and personal qualities that the business is looking for. There will then e a list of questions that link to the candidates application form.

All candidates who have participated in the interview are entitled to feedback about their performance in the interview. The purpose of this is to assist unsuccessful candidates improve their interview skills. Feedback must be constructive. A candidate may be disappointed they failed to get the job and therefore do not need their confidence knocked any more than necessary. When giving feedback the interviewer must remember to start the conversation discussing the areas in which the applicant interviewed well. Then they must move on to areas where improvements could be made, making suggestions as to how the candidate could improve their performance in the future, being sure to ask the candidate if they have any questions.

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