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The results for Sainsbury’s shows that good progress has been completed in more challenging and demanding market conditions. As you can see, the bar chart on the left hand side illustrates that Sainsbury’s on behalf of all of their subsidiary companies have improved their operating profitability levels greatly because from the years 1999 to 2000, the plc lost a lot of operating profit as their profits depreciated by 23 million from 730 million to607 million. But since then Sainsbury’s group profit levels have taken a turn for the good as they started to grow up until 2003 where the profit level has risen to a massive 752 million which has been their best ever operating profitability levels. 752 million pounds has shown to be a large improvement on Sainsbury’s group underlying profits since 2002 has they have shown an improvement of 3 million pounds.

The bar chart on the left demonstrates that Sainsbury’s Supermarkets have started to increase their profits once again as by 2003 profits had increased from 505 million to 572 million which shows an increase in 67 million. However having said the graph also acts as an indication that shows Sainsbury’s are still not quite performing as they should be because in 1999 their year finishing profits were a substantial 671million which was almost 100 million more, 99 million to be precise.

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Sainsbury’s Supermarkets  he table here shows that Sainsbury’s have become more cost cutting effective by employing more part-time workers. This cost cutting measure has proved to help in assisting Sainsbury’s make more profit because by employing additional part-time workers such as teenagers, they have cheap labour. Moreover, the introduction of new business concepts by the Research and Development and Marketing departments such as the Sainsbury’s reward card, Nectar card and famous coups such as Jamie Oliver have helped increase sales as Sainsbury’s sales have augmented by �441 million customers from 2002.

The opening of more outlets have also helped improve the company’s sales figure because the additional stores give customers a much better reach, access and opportunity to purchase. So as a result the opening of more outlets has proven to be a success in terms Sainsbury’s achieving more Sales. GE Lighting As the largest governing organisation with regards to lighting in the world, it can be noted that one of their main activities/service that they provide – Lighting which is a subsidiary of General Electric has improved their overall performance in terms of sales revenue and profit. This is further explained on the next page.

How the Products/Services GE Lighting Provide help them achieve their Aims/Objectives In 2003, GE Lighting augmented their existing product portfolio by introducing 15 new types of lights to their customers. These new lights that they provided are shown as follows: “Enrich Lamp Range, MR16 230V GE Twist & Lock, PAR 16 lamp, PAR 25 lamp, T5 long lamp, Cov-R Guard Lamp, Micro Tech lamp, Biax T/E42W lamp, Biax 2D Integral lamp, Constant colour CMH lamp, Mini L Lamp, PAR 20/30 lamp, Tubular FX lamp and the Elliptical lamp 3.” 1

In relation, all the above new products had improved features such as increased wattage and were even smaller in size. The new products that were launched will all help GE lighting achieve their main aims and objectives of profit, sales, growth and offer a highly competitive and quality assured service to the consumer/retailing chain, increase on customer perceptions because the additional products mean that the company are providing even more lights to their customers. As different people in society have differing requirements and needs, GE lighting can now target a wider variety/range of customers. In turn, the introduction of new lights has reflected well on GE lighting’s performance which is demonstrated below.

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