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Growing up as a child, the only thing I could think about in life was my first true compassion; reading. Ever since I can remember, that companionship has stuck by my side, as I was pretty much born with a book in my hand. My overall experience with reading has definitely influenced me a plethora of ways and has helped me become the person I am today. The love and passion that I once had may have slightly diminished but the skills developed have played a never-ending role in my life.

Not only have they benefited me as an individual, and a student, but they’ve also led to the development of other imperative skills necessary to succeed, such as writing. So far, I have had a strong relationship with reading and writing, and a great experience. These skills have influenced me tremendously and have jump-started me to a bright and potentially successful future. When it comes to reading books, I don’t really have a certain genre that interests me. If the plot of the novel is interesting, with a strong group of characters, then I will most likely read when given the opportunity to do so in school.

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Books that I’ve enjoyed reading in the past that fall under this category include, Of Mice and Men, The Great Gatsby, and even The Things They Carried. All three of these novels are similar in a way that definitely interests me; they’re all about a time in history where life was rough and hard times were common. Times where people needed to be determined and work hard in order to overcome it all and become successful; which reminds me a lot about myself. I don’t like to be just “Average Joe” when it comes to situations in life where triumph is essential.

I strive to be the best I can be and make the best of situations in whatever life throws at me, which is also the general theme in the novels I take pleasure in reading. When reading books, I always find it helpful to procure a general theme for the overall novel, and relate it to real life, because it pulls you into the story immensely. As the years go by, and time passes, I find myself reading a lot less books, for fun. Instead, during my leisure time I tend to read informational things that interest me, like USA Hockey Magazine, People Magazine, and the sports section of the newspaper.

I enjoy reading articles and other types of that material because it enhances my reading skills and enables me to learn new things. It’s always nice to take a break from a long, hard day and enjoy a nice article from the newspaper or magazine to relieve stress and see what’s occurring in the real world. The hard part is finding some quality time to read more of these essential articles with my tight schedule. It seems like the only time I get to read these things is real late at night, after work or hockey.

My love for reading, however, has also helped me attain another key skill that I benefit from; which is writing. After reading novels, whether it’s during leisure time, or in school, I always find it helpful to write down my thoughts about the overall outcome, and any connections it may have to my life. I usually express these thoughts through my essays, after reading these books in school because it helps my creativity and imagination. I’ll never forget about the essay I wrote after reading John Steinbeck’s, Of Mice and Men, last year.

The task was to write an essay on whether or not I thought it was right for George to kill Lennie in the end of the story. My reasons for believing George did the right thing were definitely very persuasive and sophisticated to the point where I made about five or six direct connections to the novel. When writing, I feel it’s always necessary to use the book as the key reference, and accompany my writing with direct quotes from the story. Even though essay writing is a critical part in English Language Arts, I don’t enjoy writing them all the time.

Other forms of writing have also proved to be beneficial in the past, which also improves my writing skills as well. I find that anything from journal writing, to poems, to even just free writing, impacts my skills on a daily basis and helps me become that much stronger as a writer. Not only do I do this in school, but I also make an effort to find some time at home to practice my skills as a writer. Finding the time to advance such skills has most definitely influenced me and helped me grow enormously as an English Language Arts Student. My overall relationship with reading and writing has definitely taught me a lot.

The essential skills attained from reading and writing that we use on a daily basis, pretty much define who we are as individuals in life. Reading has not only helped me understand things clearer, and comprehend things easier, but have also helped me greatly as a writer. Without reading there would be no writing, and without writing there would definitely be no skill of reading. They go imperatively together like two peas in a pod. Without my wonderful experiences with these significant skills, I doubt I would be where I am today, influentially.

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