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My magazine cover is from the woman’s magazine ”Now” . This magazine cover first caught my attention by the big i?? 1 and the awful picture of Victoria Beckham. Normally she looks perfect with not a hair out of place , however in this picture it looks like the queen of fashions crown is starting to slip away . I don’t normally read this type of magazine but I thought it would be interesting to examine the differences between a men’s magazine and a woman’s magazine . ( The truth is that it is an excuse to have a close look at a woman’s magazine and what an excuse it is ).

” Now ” magazine ( I am told ) is full of celebrity gossip , fashion tips , news about the celebrity world and ideas on how to lose weight and how to please your man. I found the choice of topics both amusing and interesting, because they are both so very different than the issues explored in men’s magazines. For example in men’s magazines it generally discusses what’s happening in sport and pictures of very god looking woman on the front of the magazine to entice the reader and it doesn’t have articles on how to get your perfect lady unlike in woman magazines it has articles on how to get your perfect man.

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The front cover of the ”Now” magazine is dominated by pictures of celebrities. In the top left hand corner in a bright yellow colour you have i?? 1. This is to try and persuade the buyer that it is a really good price and ”Now only” in white writing just emphasises that it is an affordable price. It’s also in a pink background to keep its girly theme, also for the florescent yellow to stand out more . There is also a slogan which states that ”Now” is the ” UK’s best selling celebrity magazine. ” The company puts this across as if more or less every celebrity buy this magazine.

Then underneath the slogan you have the name of the magazine ” Now” This is also very clever title because it comes across as they have the most up to date gossip about the celebrity world and fashion tips. The name of the magazine is in dark blue writing and in a white background to stand out. Then in the top right hand corner there is a picture of Fran Cosgrave and Natasha this is important because they have been reunited as a couple and it looks like ”Now” have got the scoop . The picture has a pink outline to stand out and come across as feminine .

Also in a very vibrant yellow writing ”Natasha and Fran ” and also in a pink rectangle there is big white writing saying ”Reunited ” This has been placed at the top so it catches your eye and it doesn’t say much because it wants you to read on . Then situated in the middle of the page in a yellow luminous bubble with vibrant pink writing saying ” 50” this is very effective and is extremely eye catching. Then in a baby blue colour ” Hot new trends. ” These colours have been used because it is an girly magazine therefore it will have feminine colours and they are advertising girly fashions.

There is also two big pictures one of Fern Britton in her swim wear and in big bold bright white writing ” Big and happy exclusive ” the magazine here is advertising its self by claming it has got gossip why Fern Britton is happy. Then the second picture is of a ruff looking Victoria Beckham ( Posh Spice ) . Underneath the picture it says in a blue back ground in yellow writing. ” Gaunt and sad ” Then at the bottom of the page in a colourful pink background ” There turning into pixies ” then at the side of the writing there is three pictures of three celebrities, this here is what we call the anchorage text.

I think that the colours and the bubble writing they have used really catches your attention because all the colours used are very vibrant and it makes the magazine standout and also bubble writing has been used to the writing look a lot clearer and a lot more lively and interesting . I think that the picture of Victoria Beckham has been used because it looks like she is looking at you but obviously she is looking at the camera and this picture has that effect of the modal address, also it looks like you have caught here off guard which will attract the attention of the reader.

They have also used the picture of Victoria Beckham because she is known for being a fashion queen and always looking perfect and woman love it when celebrities are having a bad day because woman are really bitchy and they know that the celebrities aren’t perfect. The other main picture is of Fern Britton and this picture has been used because she is an overweight woman and she is in her bikini having a good time with out being paranoid about her weight . Every woman is worried about there figure and weight.

So this can help to inspire every one . Then you have a picture of Natasha and Fran who broke up but have a baby together but have now been reunited with each other . This will appeal to all woman who are single mothers and people who have split up that want to get back together and that they don’t think that it will ever work out, also for woman who love a happy ending. Finally the last three pictures will interest the audience because woman think that plastic surgery and make up will make them look better but not in these cases .

In my opinion the pictures have the most impact because of the colours that have been used because it makes the magazine to life . The words to the picture ratio is probably 11:3. So for every 11 words there is 3 pictures. I know that this magazine is definitely for girls because it has girly colours , like bright pink and vibrant yellow which are feminine colours. You can identify its genre as a gossip magazine because all the pictures and exclusives are about the celebrity world . I think that the normal age for this magazine is 16-29 because of the language used you can tell its for adults and young woman.

The stories are also very mature. This front cover appeals to its target audience because of all the colours and pictures used . This magazine uses celebrities and ideas on how to make your self look better to sell to its target audience . This magazine advertises a double coupon to attract the attention of the target audience and the point that they try and put across is, if you buy this magazine you get a little present inside. I think that this particular magazine does reach target audience by having excusive interviews with celebrities and showing new fashion tips.

( and we all no what fashion victims girls are) In my opinion this magazine is the best for its target audience because its front cover finish is glossy which make the colours stand out more and it makes the magazine look expensive and the price is probably the best in the shop at this moment. This magazine only costs one pound and they have made this very clear by placing it in the top left hand corner . This is normally where the eye starts from , also the colours that have been used are very bright and eye catching .

The only thing that this magazine doesn’t do is advertise special draws or winnable . This doesn’t matter because the front cover has lots of pictures , bright colours and the price is really cheap so it makes up for it . This magazine does offer a free gift and this is a sticker on the front of the page saying ” Double points coupon. ” This pink sticker might persuade you to buy it because it sounds like you get money of something and we know woman love a good bargain. In addition the colour makes it look feminine.

I am now going to comment on the use of language on the front cover from ”Now ” magazine . The first phrase plays on words by saying ” The UK’s best selling celebrity magazine ” . This is very clever because people of this day and age especially woman want to know what celebrities are doing . This is because some woman take it to the extreme by imitating celebrities by dressing the same and evening looking the same pay paying out thousand pounds for plastic surgery. Further more if celebrities are buying this magazine then it must be good and then they think they should buy it.

The quote is clever as the readers could also believe that the magazine is favoured by all celebrities therefore giving the magazine kudos. They also seduce their readers by the promise of learning ” 50 hot new trends ” They have made it so big because they know that every woman wants to look her best and have all the most fashionable clothing . Also it’s put across short and snappy which makes it as a must see thing. The next phrase is that certain celebrities ” There turning into pixies ” .

this will be interesting to woman because they think that plastic surgery will make you look better and younger and it doesn’t seem that way in this case because ”Now ” magazine is saying they are all starting to look the same with there little noses and thin cheeks and there all just looking the same. I have learned from the front cover of this magazine that it is very lively and that the cover more or less sells the magazine. It also tells you everything that is in this weeks issue of the magazine . This is because it has all the main headlines on the front cover of the magazine .

The magazine also use a lot of emphasis because ” There turning into pixies ” this is a great example because obliviously humans can’t start to look all the same. This is also a play on words which comes across more effective than the pictures this time . In my opinion I think that it is the content of the front cover is what sells the magazine because with out words it will just look like a lot of pictures on a piece of paper but you could say that with out the pictures the words would mean nothing but I think that the content just gives it that edge to the magazine.

In my opinion this magazine is of very good quality . You find out just from the front cover that it is all about the celebrity gossip and what is happening in the fashion world and it’s a very appealing magazine to its target audience . I think that the pictures and the language have the same amount of impact because without the pictures the words wouldn’t mean anything and vice versa but on the other hand I do think the words do give it that lively edge .

I think the front cover is very effective because of all the colours used because they are very bright and eye catching and I think this helps to sell this magazine and also by using very smart puns. Finally I think you can judge its magazine by its cover because you can tell you what is going to be inside and if so is it the stories you want to read. I found my first real excuse to read a girly magazine and I wish I could use it again.

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