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The ‘Incident At Roswell’ video sells itself as an objective documentary but it is in fact a light entertainment. After analysing this video and other mediums I wonder was ‘Roswell’ just a money making scam? On the evening of July 2nd 1947 a bright light was seen over the small town of Roswell, New Mexico, during a violent thunderstorm. The next day a rancher Mac Brazel was checking for storm damage. Scattered over the ground was wreckage. This wreckage has puzzled the world ever since. Was it a flying saucer? Was it a weather balloon?

After just reading the blurb about the video I could tell it was not going to be an objective documentary but a subjective light entertainment. ‘In the early hours of the 5th July 1947, near the small town of Roswell in New Mexico, something extraordinary happened’ – This is the first sentence of the blurb. Firstly they have the date wrong. The Roswell incident did not happen on the 5th July 1947, in fact it happened on the 2nd July 1947. Also ‘extraordinary’ is just the start of the over used dramatic language that is clear throughout the blurb.

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‘Rigorously suppressed’, ‘remarkable evidence’, ‘sensational’, and ‘remarkable’ is just an example of the exaggerated language in this blurb. There is also a picture of an ‘Alien’ on the front, back and middle of the video cover. The repetition of this picture ensures that whichever way this video is stocked in the shop it is always eye-catching. As well as this there is a sticker on the front cover of the video that reads:- ‘EXCLUSIVE! CONTAINS EXTRA ALIEN FOOTAGE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. BE ADVISED -VIEWERS MAY FIND CONTENTS DISTURBING’ Notably, this sticker does not put you off watching this video in fact it does the opposite.

Notice that this sticker is written in capital letters with ‘ALIEN FOOTAGE’ in a larger font. As a result of this the sticker the video seems intriguing and mysterious. Also clear on the blurb is that this video has been made by ‘Roswell Footage Ltd’ who claim that the ‘cannot accept liability for any statements that prove incorrect’. Consequently does this not make you wonder that ‘Incident At Roswell’ could just be a moneymaking entertainment? After reading about the video I decided to watch it myself and it would seem that it is certainly not a documentary. The video starts very dramatically.

Firstly we see and hear visuals of thunder and lightning then we hear drastic minor chords. Secondly we get the fast editing and the whole video gets flashed before your eyes in a matter of seconds. The fast editing includes clips of interviews, glances of the ‘Alien footage’ and yet more thunder and lightning. Then the voice over starts and similarly to the blurb it starts with dramatic language ‘sensational film’ and emotive metaphors ‘tight knit community in the heartlands of rural America’. So far this ‘documentary’ seems of a horror/science-fiction genre.

The red on black, minor chords and the ringing of bells is all too much for a documentary. The video uses many deliberate techniques such as documentary camera’s to make it more realistic also off-centre shots are used make the viewer fell a bit unsettled. Everything about this video is over the top, the fast editing, the eerie cello in the background, the close-ups so you can see the emotions. Eventually after many powerful visuals and the ’emotional’ interviews finally get to see that ‘Alien Footage’, and if the footage isn’t dramatic enough we get yet more thunder and lightning and that voice over.

The Alien footage is in black and white and a fixed-focus hand held camera is used and when you get too close the ‘aliens’ the picture gets blured. The question is why? Maybe it was deliberate. If it was not a hoax why didn’t they take the time to get a better camera? Maybe a colour one. Also during this footage you see that plastic bags are present. Plastic Bags were not in use in 1947. But Ray Santilli, the businessman who found this footage, insists that it is not a hoax although there is not proof of the camera mans existence. The alien footage has divided my opinion. If it is a hoax it is one of the most preposterous stunts ever.

If it is genuine it is one of the most important scientific discoveries in human history. Eventually at the end of the video, Ray Santilli claims, ‘We didn’t hoax it’. Subsequently this implies someone else did. So did an actual UFO Crash outside of Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947? Not according to the Roswell Daily Record a popular paper and a reliable source from around the time of the ‘Saucer story’. They suggest that what Mac Brazel found was nothing short of a man-made kite. ‘Considerable scotch tape and some tape with flowers printed upon it had been used in the construction.

‘ ‘When the debris was gathered up the tinfoil, paper, tape, and sticks made a bundle about three feet long’. To conclude I do believe that what Mac Brazel found on that day was real. But what it was no one quite knows. I also believe that the Roswell Daily Record gives a more accurate account than the video ever could. In summary that video makes a mountain out of a molehill. It jumps on the bandwagon just to make money. It is not an objective Documentary but a subjective half entertainment. All in all though, the video is worth watching if only just to review the evidence yourself.

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