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Covers of men’s magazines today are utmost offending and profoundly insulting to today’s British men. As I walk into newsagents, I am surrounded by nudity, sex, drugs and even violence at the newspaper stand next to the typical, upmarket British broadsheet newspapers we have pornographic material staring in our faces. The words “sex”, “murder”, “laid”, “Naked” and “muscles” are in our faces. I feel that men’s magazines see the British man to be simple minded, uneducated, sex obsessed and credulous.

I feel that many men or women feel the same about this matter. However, not many people stand up and speak up about the matter. After reading my essay I hope you will take the time to think about what I have said and speak up about what is correct. Many people have different views of how people see the typical British man; however I think the key to making most of these intolerable views is the fact that there are many people who make bad judgements! Many uneducated people see the typical man to be a fat, lazy, dense, sex obsessed and beer fuelled.

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However, there are a minority of men who are of this kind but not most of the nation. In my opinion, British men have class and satisfying manners, we also have very righteous social skills and many of us men are well educated. Don’t you agree that men’s magazines today try to give a different and incorrect view of the typical British man? Men’s magazines also have a very young audience of around fifteen to sixteen year olds. Teenagers of this age read the filth that they get in these obscene magazines and believe it. Lots of youths also try to copy what they read.

This is outrageous when the content of these magazines are filled with homicide, desire, nudity, violence, drugs, alcohol and even to the extremes of other peoples miss-fortunes such as disabilities. The average teenager’s brain is easily mouldable, so reading the filth in these magazines will make the child act or try to copy what they read. Lately I have studied a magazine called “FHM”. As soon as I picked up the magazine I was horrified to find a picture of a naked lady sprawled out on a bed implying she was ready for sexual intercourse.

Many words such as “sex”, “dead”, “fight”, and even “crack heads” surrounded the young lady. If these are the kind of things that people think men are associated with then I would be very alarmed as to how people think the modern man act and what we are interested in. People are reading about murder, abuse, horror and war and it makes the world look like a bad place to live in, when in fact people shouldn’t be scared of the world they live in. It also makes people un sensitised to the world they live in.

In my opinion I think the obscenity of men’s magazines should either improve or there should be a ban on these filthily magazines. Think back to fifteen years ago, was there any obscene magazine front covers staring at you when you walk into your newsagents? The answer is NO! People weren’t faced with sex and violence fifteen years ago. Today people have to read these magazines to be entertained. We should never judge a man by the cover of his magazine and I hope you agree. Please do not suggest that we are what we read.

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