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In the design stage there will be a use of different methods to present the problems and how these problems can be solved, there must be a variety of problems plus a variety of different solutions, and then there will be a selection of one solution best to solve the specified problem. There will also a majority of tables showing each problem and how it has effect the company, and this table will also include the solution, the specification will identify why each solution can be used giving various reasons, and how it will benefit the business or make it better than it was before Information Technology was introduced.

Implementation is the next crucial step when designing the new system for the business some examples that need to be installed are: writing programs, purchasing hardware + software, writing user documentation, testing the system using the test plan, installing networks, training staff. Another method of presenting the specification is by testing it and evaluating the solution, this would show an understanding if the solution will be fail free and/or cause more problems than before information technology is introduced to the business. Evaluating the system is important for the system because this would give knowledge of if the system is working properly and easy to use to the business, this can only be done after the system has been tested, plus the evaluation process sees if the system as met the requirements set by the client.

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The evaluation process also shows if the system can be developed or improved further and if it needs any modifying. It is actually just another form of re-analyzing meaning starting the same process all over again.Databases can produce suitable fields (which the business inputs) which can be then produced into forms, these forms can be formatted in a large amount. Because they can change appearance to be attractive and databases also allow drop down lists to be available so that it form can be a closed question, for instants when asking for the Gender the drop down list could be Male and Female, this would help the customer from limiting them to typing the word, which they could produce typing errors on. Databases can use validation for checking the correct type of database terms.

The disadvantage of using databases to produce forms is that it is time consuming because you would first have to create the create the different types of fields suitable for the form, then you would have to allocate it to the type of database term it needs to be e.g. TEXT or Numbers or Boolean. This is a factor of time which the business might lack to have since it wants more members to join in a short period of time. It can’t really be created into a hard copy form because of the drop down lists. Word processing has some advantages which might benefit the company in different ways; this is that when creating a form it is really easy to create because it doesn’t need any specific terms or functions. The customer can just type what they preferred in the lines that are created for them. Also a good feature of word processing is that it can add logos underneath the writing, the company’s logo can be merged into the form and this would be show the logo easily without wasting space.

But there are a number of disadvantages for word processing these are: Word processing is only really for hard copy forms so this wouldn’t solve the problem of the customers coming to the fitness club to participate in being a member. Also the customer can write what ever they want and in tick boxes they can tick all the boxes etc. also word processing is very plain and is not a good attractive type of form which people would like to fill in. The advantage to websites is that the company can create a website and put the forms there so people can print the form and fill it in there and mail the form to the fitness club. They can access the form from they’re home which is efficient plus internet is 24 hours on so they can obtain the form at any time preferred.

The disadvantage is that the form might not appear on the website because of some error with the customer’s internet settings etc. Also if the form is very large in size it might take a long time to load therefore the customer will think it wouldn’t load and leave the website. Final Solution: After confirming the advantages and disadvantages of the membership forms, it has come to a firm understand that Database should be used to create forms with Booleans and drop down boxes, this form must not be large in size meaning no pictures and not that much color, a website will be created containing the form, because website is 24 hours so it can accessed any where, so customers can join at anytime and: The form shouldn’t be large in size so customers can load the form quickly without any errors form the website. For databases the software that should be used it Microsoft Access, and for creating a website the software that best portrays the quality demanded by members is Dream weaver.

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