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People know work in either a business that deals in I.C.T or somewhere that has a lot of I.C.T to keep it going. The reason for this is that I.C.T is making work and business a lot quicker and more efficient. A good thing about I.C.T in the sense of employment would be that its offering a lot of jobs however it is also taking peoples jobs as employers can get the same job done probably quicker using I.C.T. Even though there is sometimes cutbacks in the amounts of jobs available people are still needed to operate the computers, At least for know but if they keep making the computers and programs then people will no longer be needed meaning that no one will have much money and the world won’t be that nice to live in. In conclusion I think that I.C.T in business is a brilliant thing to have but I don’t think they should be developed to the point in which people aren’t needed.

People Know work a lot in business that either sell or develop I.C.T Which is a lot different from some jobs that are on the factory floor which are a lot more physically demanding and tiring, so people know have comfy jobs in offices which could be boring. These jobs are good though as they might appeal to some people and there probably well paid. Another thing would be how business practices would have changed for example the most basic thing would be printers because it means that people don’t have to write out things and take ages which can be hard on the hands tiring and slow.

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With inventions like mobile phones, e-mail and laptops the world of work has changed greatly. The use of mobile phones meant that people don’t have to go to the otherside of the building to talk to someone he or she can do it anywhere with a signal. Also phones have improved a lot and with things like video conferencing people can join in with meetings from the other side of the world. Another good thing would be that if there is an emergency that requires a quick response then where ever the user is they can make a call and get it sorted. Phones know also have text messages which can be quick and to the point so that could be another good thing to come from mobile phones.

E-mail is a bit like text messages accept they can be a lot more detailed and lengthier. Like mobiles these can be used to contact people from along way a bonus though to e-mail is that pictures, movies and web addresses can be sent as attachments. They can go into better detail than you probably could if you were talking face to face as you can attach information. Another thing would be the Internet, which is brilliant as you, could make a site for your business, which can then be accessed by anyone who is in the business. On the site you can then put photos, sounds and information. You can also but a password on it and only give the password to employees and people that need to see it. You can also use a local Intranet, which can be used to access information from within the network.

And then you have laptops which enable people to do work and go online anywhere this means that you have a lot of work to do but you have to travel you can do it while you are on a plane or train or any mode of transport. This is just a big version but bigger and all the bonuses of e-mail and Internet. These however can be expensive and unless it’s a big business then they won’t be affordable. All these technologies help employees to be fast and efficient and get work done from anywhere in the world.

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