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For my one act for promotion, I have chosen ‘Mahdee’. The elements or parts of Mahdee’s image that I would make more noticeable, emphasise or change to fit with the anti-sexiest and anti-racist policy is only her image of clothing. This will be considering her musical style, hair, clothes gender, life style and even the name itself. Mahdee is an eighteen year old female teenager from London. She is mixed race, which wouldn’t be scene as an anti-racist music industry and her gender will fit into today’s life style of music.

With more and more younger female’s artist going solo and making a big impact, Mahdee wouldn’t have a tough time reaching the high. Also, she appeals to most age groups, especially the teenagers as she is one herself and can relate to others. Her name doesn’t need to be changed as her name is catchy and easy to say and remember. Her name also suits with her type of music. The only thing I could say that I could change to make her fit into music society would be her dress scene and style of music.

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She could dress as most teenagers would in today’s world and her music could change from rhythm and blues o a bit more of a hip-hop, rhythm and blues. This means she could continue singing the way she is, but just by adding a different tune on to of the rhythm and blue, it could relate to young children more. My act, Mahdee compares and relates to in music wise, to Alisa Keys, as she is already successful and popular. Mahdee and Alisa Keys both share a same number of things, which include, both female solo, plays their own instruments, young, same type of music, same dress sense etc.

Alisa Keys appeals specifically to a young and old audience, between the ages of ten and forty years old, and this is the same for Mahdee. Alisa Key’s music lyrics talks about life and the problems she had and what she went through when she was young and the area she was brought p in. She mainly talks about don’t judge before you see, and she also uses the place she grew up in as part of her video for her debut single. The video shows the types of people in that area and the places and children in that area, this is to show the world that the place isn’t bad as the image people get from watching this video is that of a good place.

The video also shows Alisa Keys happy as she walks through the streets singing, to show it’s safe. Another thing Alisa Keys does, that Mahdee can also do is play an instrument and sing at the same time. This is also shown in the video. The video of a single is the main part as it can show what the artist is singing and what it really means to them. CD COVERS The whole cover is kept simple and consistent by using the same colours and same theme. My CD front cover shows Mahdee in a shadow wither hat on, and beside her is her guitar also in showdown version.

The front cover also shows the companies logo ‘Slow Hand Records’. The cover also includes Mahdee’s name in big capital letters with a red explosion stating which song is including on this CD. There is also a background wave of colour blue for design. The front cover is kept very simple and the name Mahdee is big so it stands out. The explosion (which has a red background) is titled too also stand out. Every pieces of object on the cover has a way of standing out.

The logo is situated in the top left hand corner of the cover with Mahdee on the right between her name (on the left) and her guitar (on the right). Her name is in big text, coloured green. The back cover of the CD shows three song tracks and beside each one of them shows how long each song lasts for. Mahdee’s name is shown with each letter going down vertically on the right hand side. The text is big capital letters and is the same colour as her name at the front of the CD, green. There is even a bar code at the bottom right too make it look more realistic.

Also on the back cover is a list of the makers and designers of the CD, in orange colour. Also on the back cover, it gives Mahdee’s website; this is used in another way of promotion to her single. Just underneath the tracks of her single shows three blue lines, indicating that the cover is divided into two sections (top and bottom). MAGAZINE COVER The targeted audience for this magazine is aged between ten to twenty, around the teen age. This is because teenagers are more into pop music then any other age group and this magazine is aimed for teenagers.

A way of selling this product to this age group is two show two different prices, as my magazine and the original magazine has done. It shows beside the bar code the price of this magazine and the price of this magazine overseas. When people look at this they see that the price here is cheaper so they buy the magazine. The magazine is kept simple and makes the public think who is that hidden face, as it is a suspense. The cover shows the header stands out first and the word also mentions a hidden word. The header reads ‘smash” hits’, with the word smash divided into two sections.

The letters ‘sma’ is coloured in dark yellow and the letters ‘sh’ not coloured (white), saying keep this magazine quite as this is only for you. The magazine cover shows the top half (face, neck) of a person who is in a shadow type, as you cannot see his or hers face. There is also a big question mark on the face, making the audience want to open to see the face, which makes the magazine sell. The text below the picture is also used to give the suspense a little more thrill. The text says “new Brit Sensation!!

” When the audience reads these three words and also sees the hidden face, it makes them want to see who Britain’s new Sensation is. The word ‘Sensation’ is different to ‘new’ & ‘Brit’ as the reader’s first see new and Brit. This word is different because the way an advert read it out would make the word Sensation sound separate. The items around the pictures are also included to show what else is in the magazines, and there is everything for every pop fan. The magazine also lets the audience know the price of the magazine with a bar code, situated at the top right hand corner.

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