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Newspapers can be split into two categories; these being broadsheet and tabloid. A broadsheet paper like The Telegraph and The Guardian are A1 size sheets folded in half; these are twice the size of a Tabloid. An example of a tabloid would be The Sun and The Daily Mail, which is on A2 paper. The two papers vary in content; they also focus on a completely different audience. In general people would say that tabloids are “popular” press aimed at lower social groupings and those who are interested in Celebrities lives and general human-interest articles.

On the other hand the broadsheets are completely different to tabloids. A broadsheet newspaper is aimed at people who have an interest in politics and generally higher social groupings. On Saturday the 14th of April 2003, there was a large coverage of two very different issues, in almost all newspapers; there was some mention of these issues. These being the general coverage of the war in Iraq and the other being the Catherine Zeta Jones and the Michael Douglas privacy case. With these two cases being in all newspapers I had to choose two papers to compare, these are the Sun and The Daily Telegraph.

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In both papers there’s quite a large coverage of the privacy case in both papers. There is more coverage in the Tabloid due to the Sun being more of a human-interest paper. The Sun has devoted two pages to this completely riduculouus case where Catherine Zeta Jones and her newly wed husbund, Michael Douglas are suing “Hello” magazine for taking unauthorized pictures of the pair on there wedding day. Although they were reluctant to receive the hefty sum of 1 million pounds from the magazine “OK” to give them exclusive rights at there wedding back in November 2002.

The Sun completely “wasted” 2 1/2 pages on this hypocritical case, and this included 9 pictures of the ” camera shy couple”, funnily enough Zeta Jones was quite happy to smile for the camera at these film premiers but why not her own wedding. There are five articles on the privacy case; all repeated the exact same thing as the last. As I read the five articles I highlighted each sentence separating them in two groups, fact and opinion. Over 60% of the coverage was opinion. I also noted that the Sun in particular contradicted itself with facts.

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